Maoists kill 2 TMC workers amidst of blames of Maoist-TMC links

Published on 10 Apr 2010 on category Terrorism Updates for zone Bengal

Maoists kill 2 TMC workers in Midnapore in West Bengal. There has been talks about TMC links with Maoist and then this killings happen.

TMC workers killed by Maoists TMC workers killed by Maoists

April 10, 2010; Midnapore, West Bengal: In the midst of the high-pitch blames of links between TMC and the Maoists, 2 TMC workers have been mercilessly killed by the Maoists. The Maoist units present in the locality have confirmed their hand by accepting the responsibility via posters and handbills distributed in the village.

It is, however, unclear why those two TMC workers have been killed? No reason has been given by the Maoists for these killings which are unlikely since after every such assassination, the Maoists justify these killings with ‘reasons’ in their posters but this time no reason was given.

The police are also unable to find any background of the two murders. Neither these two workers were any influential leaders whose assassination would benefit the Maoist movement, nor were these two any police informants. The locals claim that these two were scapegoats.

According to the locals, these two workers were murdered to divert the public attention from the Maoist-TMC links. This murder has been done to set an exception to disprove the Maoist-TMC links. In a similar case, 3 months ago another TMC worker was killed when the same issue was in high pitch and the murder didn’t follow in the political violence that is natural in such cases.

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Sakshi Bhardwaj
Sakshi Bhardwaj is JNU alumna and writes analytical and substantial commentaries and reports on topics ranging from Geopolitics to Social and Political issues. She has also written for magazines like Organizer.
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