Clashes between Muslims and Dalit Hindus in Bengal after Dalit boy resists cow smuggling

Published on 24 Mar 2010 on category Crime for zone Bengal

A Dalit Hindu, a cobbler by profession was beaten after he had resisted cow smuggling by Muslim villagers.

Parsandi in Birbhum has seen increment in Dalit Muslim clashes Parsandi in Birbhum has seen increment in Dalit Muslim clashes

March 24, 2010; Parsandi, Birbhum: The Bengali speaking belt of the Chota Nagpur mineral-rich area, known as Rarh Zone has witnessed the 3rd clash in a single month. In the Parsandi village, a Dalit boy was attacked by several butchers as he gave tough time to the butchers who were trying to steal a cow for slaughtering.

As the Dalit boy tried to resist, the butchers injured him with sharp weapons. The teenager boy named Sadhan Muchi, a cobbler by profession was stunned when he saw his own villagers belonging to a different community assisting the smuggling of cows from their villages, he protested and resisted all alone even as he was heavily outnumbered. He was beaten up and he shouted for help. At this the butchers and their local agents fled.

Later the butchers’ side started pelting stones at the house of the Dalit community and they replied in kind and later physical clashes assisted with sharp weapons and sticks took place as a result of which 12 Dalit and 28 Muslims were injured. The police came in and arrested the Dalits. The butchers and their local assistants were not even touched and the Dalit’s have blamed political association and corrupt policing for this bias in the police action.

Earlier this month in Dudhiya village of Dhanbad district, there was a clash between the Mandal Dalits and Muslim community and a similar clash between Dalit and Muslim community in Asansol. In the clash in Asansol the Muslim fundamentalist organizations tool part and as a result the Dalits approached Mahaveer Akhada.

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Sakshi Bhardwaj
Sakshi Bhardwaj is JNU alumna and writes analytical and substantial commentaries and reports on topics ranging from Geopolitics to Social and Political issues. She has also written for magazines like Organizer.
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