35 operatives of Communist Death Squad Harmad join TMC in Midnapore

Published on 29 Oct 2010 on category Politics for zone Bengal

35 Harmad operatives aka mercenaries and communist death squad affiliated to CPIM have joined TMC

Communist Death Squad Harmad Operatives in Bengal Communist Death Squad Harmad Operatives in Bengal

October 29, 2010; Midnapore, West Bengal: Yesterday 35 Harmad operatives have defected into TMC after being betrayed by their red bosses. This incident has happened in the Patina village of Nayagram police station. There are reports of rebellions inside two Harmad camps in the adjoining areas.

Harmad is the nick name for the extra-judicial mercenary units armed and sponsored by the left front in West Bengal. These units are actually terrorist units whose task is to eliminate the political opponents of the left parties. These Harmads have conducted all known massacres like Saibadi under the leadership of CPM leaders.

Recently the TMC’s goons have also specialized in mercenary tactics and the Harmads are having a tough time in their violent clashes with the TMC’s terror-counterparts. The TMC is rising and the Harmads are both afraid of the opponent and are betraying their earlier boss. The Harmad goons belonging to a special community has become pro-TMC after Mamata has started appeasing their community and pledged to give their coreligionists a lot of government privileges. Some Harmads are surrendering towards the growing number of TMC’s goons.

In the present case the Harmads were left on their own after their leaders left for Kolkata without caring for them. The departure of the Harmad leaders was after the news of the arrival of several units of TMC supported mercenaries. These Harmads yesterday defected into TMC and embraced the party. They revealed in broad daylight that they are trained in arms and used to run two camps in the adjoining areas. A lot of weapons and ammunitions like pipe-gun, assault rifle, rocket launcher and explosives were stored in the two camps. There was infighting among the Harmads on the basis of defection into TMC. Local sources say that at least 100 of Harmads staying in 5 camps in the adjoining areas are also willing to defect into TMC.

Surprisingly the TMC which was so outspoken against the Harmads, have embraced the Harmads into its own mercenary units and have no will to drag them to court for the crimes they have done against humanity before their defection into the TMC.

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Sakshi Bhardwaj
Sakshi Bhardwaj is JNU alumna and writes analytical and substantial commentaries and reports on topics ranging from Geopolitics to Social and Political issues. She has also written for various magazines and attended international seminars on National Security and Internal Conflicts.
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