An Open Letter to Fatima Beghum from a Woman with Saffron Shield

Published on 1 Aug 2017 on category Secularism & Communalism for zone Rest of India

An open letter after seeing Sikh Fanatics impersonating Fatima

A perfect example of Sikh-Muslim Unity in character assassination of Hindu Women A perfect example of Sikh-Muslim Unity in character assassination of Hindu Women

Dear Fatima Beghum,

I saw your post. I am 100% sure and I swear by the Grew Grand Shoaib, that it was an act by the warrior race to save Hindu women. This is the same manner in which you have been saving Hindus in past too, by asking for support from the Mughals. Persian was the only language your Pot-Head could write in, and Aurangzeb was the only one his love-letters could be recalled for.  

Well, since this time it is done in your name, I pity you. Poor Fatima. I can now understand how it must have felt when Zainab was being groped by her father-in-law and your father. The basic custom of covering our face with veil was started when you came to our land and you started abducting our women with your brothers whom you had hired as pimps. The pimps proved to be saviours of Hindu women.  And I am 100% sure by Grew Grand Shoaib, that is is the same pimp who is now impersonating you, since his manhood is better hidden under the burqa.

Well, since you have mentioned GB Road, I did visit your home under the sponsorship of UGC to study the psychological attributes of your cell-mates. Oops, I’m sorry you won’t be offended by the term brothel. Nor should your pimps be offended. The pimps are now coming to forge your identity, which is clearly proven by your costumers who are regular visitors to your brothel ever since their Babaji visited Mecca.

Dear Fatima, your brother Fateh first morphed my pictures and then when to save myself from being the reason for a happy sleep to your brother Fateh Singh, I covered myself in a veil, your brother just called me a prostitute.  Well, as a matter of fact, let me remind you, as a woman to a woman, that your brother Heera Singh first made Heera Mandi, where your Baloch and Afghan dukhtar were brought for prostitution. This reminds me of how your sons avenged this by abducting Sikh women during the partition and Hindus coming for the rescue.

Now, Fatima, you will be very happy to see that your dukhtars actually were empowered by your brother Fateh Singh. Instead of being groped at home for free, now they were even being paid by Fateh Singh and his sons for their service. I now understand how your brother Fateh still enjoys being the CEO of Heera Mandi, which still attracts many Punjols and Punjpis considering its historical significance.

It is real pity that your brother Fateh Singh had to cover himself in a veil of Fatima to confess his love for GB Road.

As a woman, I feel for you, dear Fatima. How did you use to address it when your Husband and your father and your father-in-law used to sit together? I also have this question to ask, which were the places of sight-seeing that you took Babaji to visit in Mecca?

If covering under the veil makes you call me a prostitute, then I feel sad that your entire community is actually fighting for this same veil. So do you accept that you are fighting for prostitution? Do you also accept that veil is not about your choice, freedom or patriarchy, but it is to the free will of doing prostitution, something which your brother Fateh Singh’s father Heera Singh had opened for you at Heera Mandi? Do those liberal women, Oh Feminazo! Who are fighting against patriarchy yet cry Hijab is my will, and it is my choice also struggling to make prostitution legal in Frace, India and other nations where you and your brother Fateh Singh jointly practice Al-Taqya and play the victim card anywhere for your cap or your diapers?  

I also pity the Hindu women who fall prey to your sons and are made prostitutes covered under a burqa. What is a veil to you is a shield to me. While I wear it as a safety measure, you wear it as a compulsion. In fact, you even cover yourself from head to toe to avoid being stoned. I feel sad for the women who were stoned for being a prostitute despite wearing a burqa and yet punished for the adultery your men had done upon them. I can now relate to why the women in your own land are being stoned, raped and murdered. Because all of them wear a veil. Because all of them can hide their bruises, their scars and their tears. All in one veil. Do not think of my veil to be similar to yours, Fatima. My veil is coloured in Saffron, the colour of faith, the colour of courage and the colour of Vasudev Krishna, after whom we celebrate Rakshabandhan. This is why mine is Saffron Shield and yours is e-veil.

May your Beghums and Kaurs be born as a Hindu in the next birth so that you know what chastity means to us.


Har Har Mahadev!

(Daughter of Maa Bhawani) 

Written By
Sakshi Bhardwaj
Sakshi Bhardwaj is JNU alumna and writes analytical and substantial commentaries and reports on topics ranging from Geopolitics to Social and Political issues. She has also written for various magazines and attended international seminars on National Security and Internal Conflicts.
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