BJP’s entry into Bengal Politics

Published on 16 May 2014 on category Politics for zone Bengal

BJP made a thumping arrival into the Bengal Politics

Babul Supriyo, Minister of State for Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises, GOI Babul Supriyo, Minister of State for Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises, GOI

Somiksha Arya; May 16th; Asansol: The media speculations about BJP getting 7 seats in West Bengal, assumed from the exit-poll opinions, might have proven to be untrue as the electoral results came in, but BJP made a thumping arrival into the Bengal Politics. Given the rigging won’t have been done, BJP could have done a far better result.

Since this morning the BJP was leading in 5 seats in West Bengal. Among the star candidates of BJP were babul Supriyo from Asansol, Alhuwalia from Darjeeling, Bapi Lahidi from Searampore, Tapan Sikdar from Howrah, Joy Banerjee from Birbhum, Tathagata Roy from South Calcutta, Shamik Bhattacharya, PC Sarkar Jr. etc.

There was a massive rigging in the last two phases and the parties like BJP, INC and CPM have together accused TMC of massive rigging. Mainly the TMC had rigged the elections with exceptions of a few places where Congressmen rigged. As a result the TMC won 34 out of 42 seats. In the last phase of elections there was an extreme violence in the polls and the visuals were all in the media and even the election commissioner of West Bengal confessed that they were unable to stop rigging and lawlessness in the polls. However the opponent parties didn’t convert it into massive issue in order to stop Modi. They had a bigger issue before them than this simple rigging. Thus the total election was swept by TMC.

On the other hand BJP won two seats in WB. Alhuwalia, helped by the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha (GJM) of Darjeeling won the MP seat from that constituency, and Babul Supriyo of Asansol won the election. Newz Bangla exposed the high level rigging in Asansol by TMC with visual proofs. However despite such a massive rigging the TMC candidate Dola Sen had to face a shaming defeat followed by the existing MP of the zone, Bangshagopal Choudhury of CPM. Babul Supriyo won by 74,000 votes. Babul Supriyo thanked the vision of Narendra Modi, tireless campaign by the young BJP workers in Asansol and the mass for supporting him in the election.

It is surprising that in most of the electoral constituencies the main trailer was BJP and Congress and CPM lagged behind BJP. For example the seat of Mamata banerjee from where Tathagata Roy of BJP fought the elections, there the BJP was the runner up with a small margin of votes. Without much political presence at leadership and workers level the BJP has got massive support and the BJP leadership in Bengal is terming this as the “Modi Wave” in West Bengal. BJP made its entry with a thumping stats of 17%+ vote share in Bengal while that of TMC is 39%+ despite having the seat share is 4.7%. After the glazing result of babul Supriyo despite massive rigging in support of Dola Sen, it shows the actual amount of support Babul has got. Dola Sen got a clear rejection in the election.

The councilor votes in Asansol is only 2 months away and the BJP can be expected to prepare for that given their performance in the present election. The BJP is also eyeing for the West Bengal provincial elections 2016.

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Somiksha Mohanta writes analytical columns in geopolitics, religion and entertainment. Her articles have been republished in a number of websites and portals. By profession she is an Electronic & Communication Engineer.
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