Dear Jammu & Kashmir Police, brush up your storytelling skills when investigation is not your intent

Published on 23 Jun 2017 on category Secularism & Communalism for zone Jammu & Kashmir

An open letter to the officials of Jammu & Kashmir Police who gave out weird excuses and suggestions in Panchmukhi Hanuman temple desecration in Trikuta Nagar in Jammu

The open letter to JKP from Sakshi Bhardwaj The open letter to JKP from Sakshi Bhardwaj

Dear Jammu & Kashmir Police,

With an undue lack of respect and a hardly humble submission, I sternly state that you failed to entertain anyone who was present during the protest in Trikuta Nagar or kept a close eye into the series of events, for your statements were not even funny but unfortunate at best. You have always failed in policing but now you seem to have explored a new field of failure- ‘foolishing’ (police version of fooling).

I had always heard that unlike other state police the JKP is little better in its training and management- of course, necessary keeping in mind the turbulence of the state. Thanks to your officers Vikash and Bharat who actually demonstrated the practical application of zigzag move of physical training and option exploring.

Vikash, you deserve to be in some book of records for your illustrious display of swift zigzag ability. In just one breath you have switched between a no-comment to a conclusion. In a fraction of second, you had connected two polar opposites- investigation going on and must be done by animals.

Dear Vikash, not only you are blessed with verbal stamina but also you have an excellent intellect. It can’t be done by humans because if someone wanted to hurt religious sentiment, he would break both idols and not one, it must have been done by animals. Excellent!

Seems like the only creature that can match your intellect is that animal. That animal deliberately chose a place where CCTVs are not installed- really he has got some odd-identifier skills. The animal chose a temple near Muslim ghetto so that he can easily hide there afterward- seems like he has got good demographical analysis skills- thinking of inviting him as a guest professor in JNU. The animal has really got some negative emotions- partiality and selectivity- while he broke one idol, he left everything else like worship instruments intact- which are not necessary to result in the effect he wants, after the idol is broken. Guess what, your animal is awesome, even chose a favorable time- night!

What if I say your animal is a social animal- oops antisocial? What if I say that this animal wants to abrupt the harmony or at least the thin layer of so-called harmony and peace, ahead of Amarnath yatra? Your social err antisocial animal knows that breaking one deity or two- causes the same effect- but there is a need to do it in hurry. You could actually guess that using common sense- but since you are in JKP- with lineages clear- your sense is totally uncommon.

And Bharat, I know Plan A, Plan B etc optioning is of paramount importance in policing but at least one should be logical enough to choose proper options. You can install a new deity and problem solved!

Really? I mean I guess the Delhi Police had been such enlightened like you- then innocent Hindus won’t have been harassed for the so-called Church Attack where in fact a frustrated Muslim lover of a Christian girl hurled stones at church breaking a single window. Just a piece of glass would have saved the trauma of the innocent Hindus having nothing to do with this drama.

I am just trying to explore your options in different cases! What would you suggest a mother whose son has been killed- get pregnant again? What to a man whose shop has been robbed- take a loan? What to a girl who has been raped- take contraceptives?

But you guys don’t really come up with options even when there are false cases against Hindus. Some Sikh kid gets a haircut and to evade the anger of his orthodox parents he lies that he was forcefully shaved by locals and Sikh fanatics rampage- you swiftly arrest Hindus indiscriminately. A Muslim girl alleges false rape case you destroy the lives of the Hindu victims of the allegation.

I just wonder why you guys don’t act with same patience and management in these cases. And when you guys really lack the intention for investigation, why don’t you guys take up specialized training into storytelling that would brush up your skills better- at least we could hear better stories?

From your officials’ pro-Pakistan social media posts to frequent defections with arms to Pakistani side- your political and communal lineage is crystal clear. It is clear whom you want to cover up but trust me you are not doing it right- in the guise of short-term safety you are bringing long-term vulnerability.

If Bharat and Vikash continue to tell stories like this, new deities will be installed and again animals will come and vandalize them. But when about the day when patience runs out among the devotees? Will they not hunt these animals to get rid of their regular disturbances?

Dear self-styled secular policemen of JKP, do the policing and not the communal appeasement and cover up- you are not paid for it out of the taxpayers’ money. Establishing the false foundations of secularism is being done by the politicians quite well- you can continue doing the policing.


- Sakshi Bhardwaj, a woman who is a frequent visitor to Trikuta Nagar temples and a woman who is struggling to keep the respect for police intact.

Written By
Sakshi Bhardwaj
Sakshi Bhardwaj is JNU alumna and writes analytical and substantial commentaries and reports on topics ranging from Geopolitics to Social and Political issues. She has also written for various magazines and attended international seminars on National Security and Internal Conflicts.
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