Demands for Gorkha Pradesh & Rights of Indigenous People Raised in Delhi

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Conference jointly organised by Rashtirya Adhikar Manch and Live Values Foundation to strategise the formation of new province Gorkha Pradesh and discuss security concerns in the North East.

Participants of the Participants of the "Conference on Regional Justice"

Sakshi Bhardwaj, April 9th, New Delhi: The keen afternoon buzzed at India Law Institute when “Conference on Regional Justice” was organised by Rashtriya Adhikaar Manch and Live Values Foundation. The objective was to bring to notice the plight of Gorkhas and their incessant oppression and denial of justice.

The demand for Gorkha Pradesh was raised keeping in mind the prolonged neglect first by the British India and then by Indian governments. Dating back the Anglo-Gorkha War in 1814 to the present date, the Gorkhas exhibit sacrifice of the supreme worth and exemplary courage for the service of the nation.

The Conference was joined by participants from Darjeeling, Uttaranchal, Telangana and North-east. Representatives of various Gorkha organisations were present to unite for the cause and converge onto same point of action. Apart from Gorkha organisations, representatives from Telangana and Tripuri indigenous people- SC Advocate Reddy and Mr Aghore Deb Barman respectively, also participated in the program to voice their demands.

Yogi Brahmarishi of Akhil Bharat Hindu Mahasabha stated that the demand must be rephrased from Gorkhaland to Gorkha Pradesh, since Gorkhaland like Nagaland, smells of separatism. “ABHM supports Gorkha Pradesh. Gorkhas only added to the glory of India but they never picked arms like the Nagas and Bodos. Political parties have deceived them time and again by first giving them false hopes and using them as vote banks and later forgetting the prime issue after getting the seat.” He added.

“We are not waving ISI flags, so we don’t get facilities like the Kashmiris get. But we are not like Kashmiris, our demands are not separatist,” clarified Uttam Kumar Chhetri, a prominent Gorkha leader.

43 non-violent constitutional wars have been fought to achieve the registration of the Gorkhas’ language in the constitution in 1992, Mr Chhetri disclosed. He also expressed his anguish that despite being just 1.2 million the Sindhis had 2 representatives in GOI in 1947 but there was only 1 representative for 3 million Gorkhas. “What mathematics does explain that?” Mr Chhetri questioned.

All the Gorkha representatives converged to express a collective anguish that despite the constitution allowing a community with a separate language, food habit, facial features, literature, local culture forming a majority in a particular region, can form a separate province in that region under the Indian union, the Gorkha homeland is still a far-fetched dream.

Senior Journalist Rajesh Sharma emphasised on the national security concerns through the proposed Gorkha Pradesh which is strategically termed as the Chicken Neck for India.

Senior Hindu Mahasabha leader Yogi Brahmarishi has forged a political alliance with the Gorkha organisations through the conference though the pact details are still secret. What came to light is that Hindu Mahasabha will contest in Gorkha Pradesh and will raise the demand for Gorkha Pradesh in parliament if elected.

Yogi proposed that Gorkha Pradesh will not be limited to Darjeeling only, but adjoining areas with Gorkha majority like Jalpaiguri and Kochbehar will also be brought under proposed Gorkha Pradesh.

“Mamata Banerjee will be angry, but we hardly care. Gorkha Pradesh never belonged to West Bengal. Gorkha Pradesh was ‘absorbed’ in 1954, it never ‘merged’ with West Bengal,” Yogi stated in a stern voice. A critique of Gandhi, Yogi Brahmarishi said, “Gorkha Pradesh will not be formed through Gandhiwad but Chanakya Neeti.”

Pooja Gorkha, who hailed from Dehradoon, recalled that the Gorkha language was recognised through a movement that started by Anand Singh Thapa from Dehradoon and proposed that the march for Gorkha Pradesh should start from the same Dehradoon to repeat the history.

Gorkha Rajya Nirman Samiti leader Shri Dawa Pakhrin, a Buddhist follower of Goddess Kali, started his speech through Mahashtami Stotra of Mahakali. He thanked the Akhil Bharat Hindu Mahasabha for taking up the cause at the national level. “We are thankful that despite not being Gorkhas, the ABHM activists have taken serious concerns for our cause,” Shri Pakhrin thanked, to which entire Gorkha leadership agreed on a single note.

“We are not separatists but unionists,” said Shri Pakhrin, adding “We just want one more state in the Indian Union- the Gorkha Pradesh.”

Supreme Court Advocate Mr Reddy revealed a shocking irony that despite Telangana being the new state cut out from Andhra Pradesh, rather than Telangana it was Andhra to get special status from GOI, despite being more advanced than Telangana.

Aghore Deb Barman, leader of the Indigenous Peoples Front of Tripura (IFPT) explained in details the infiltration of the Bangladeshi Muslims to form a greater Bangladesh. “During 1947, our Hindu king allowed the Bangladeshi Hindus to settle here, warmly embraced them, but now we the indigenous people have become a minority in our own homeland due to the refugee crisis. We are just 31% of the population of Tripura and in the upcoming 20 years, we will be completely finished if things go like this. Bangladeshi Muslim infiltration has made things worse and Manik Sarkar govt has full support in settling them,” Mr Barman disclosed.

Akhil Bharat Hindu Mahasabha took serious concerns over the issues raised by the dignitaries. Keeping in mind the national security concerns the ABHM leadership pledged to throw more seriousness into its political projects in the North East. The program ended with a new hope for a secure and justified homeland for the sons of the soil in the respective areas.

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Sakshi Bhardwaj
Sakshi Bhardwaj is JNU alumna and writes analytical and substantial commentaries and reports on topics ranging from Geopolitics to Social and Political issues. She has also written for various magazines and attended international seminars on National Security and Internal Conflicts.
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