EVM Tampering allegations against Republicans and BJP proves Liberal Fascism

Published on 12 Mar 2017 on category Politics for zone UP

Whenever secular liberal political parties were defeated by BJP, they blamed EVM tampering but when they won, such blames never surface. Liberals are now worst fanatics and Fascists, from JNU to USA.

Women celebrating the victory of BJP in the election. Women celebrating the victory of BJP in the election.

The self-styled liberals are the new fascists. While the terms like Liberalism and Fascism themselves are quite relative in definition, self-styled liberals want to make it a constant. Ironically the relativity of these terms is going high day by day.

Today what is widely believed as liberalism, is in fact at the peak of fascism, while liberalism and fascism are supposed to be diametrically opposite by fundamental definition.

A political organization is considered liberal if it accepts people from varying race, skin color, places of birth or language etc into its fold given they subscribe to the political ideology the organization follows. Another important feature of liberalism are that though they will intellectually counter differing ideologies, they will never forcefully wish to make them extinct.

This forceful extinction of differing ideology is called ‘Fascism’ by definition. Often the Nazism and Fascism are equated due to their alliance during WW2, but Nazism and Fascism are different. While the communists were fighting the labeled Fascists in Italy, communists ironically have been the worst of Fascists if we go by definition, after all, banning anything that doesn’t fit in the communist framework from theist beliefs to churches to western literature to anything that can be called anti-communist, should ideologically be equated to Fascism.

Anything that has no place for differing ideology is pure fascism, and they can come in any form- from nationalism to communism. Sadly the nationalists have been termed as fascists while communists and other liberalists are seen as the first line of defense against fascism by those who are politically undereducated by wear the confidence of a Nobel-Laureate.

The Liberals have been passionately behaving like Fascists lately, from Trump’s victory in America to Modi’s victory in India to BJP’s victory in recent state elections.

For the JNUites this liberal fascism is nothing new. While the communists and other self-styled liberals clapped and cheered the gross lies and factually incorrect allegations of Kanhaiya Kumar, Professor Makarand R Paranjape was hooted like hell by Communists, hurled with slurs, abused just for counting glazing mistakes in Kanhaiya’s speech.

Unfortunately, such hooting doesn’t make these liberal hooters ashamed, rather they take it as their self-certification of their deep attachment to their ideology. But when you already grabbed the title of Liberal, how dare someone calls you a Fascist even as you possess all the qualities to be called one?

In 2014 when Narendra Modi had been laying the foundation of spectacular political triumph through his pre-election rallies, the media was trying all possible tactics to nullify the public support Modi was getting, it's another wing was labeling all possible adjectives to the crowd- from ‘fanatic’ to ‘hordes’ to what not.

Someone somewhere was compiling all anti-Indian rants and statements hurled against Indian people and Indian psyche, to prove them true in case Modi wins, and all possible funny pictures to troll Modi in case he loses.

Soon after the victory of Modi, the allegations of EVM tampering started coming. The same media never took interest in analyzing the political mandates in earlier elections that heavily rigged in UP, Bihar and Bengal- for them it makes no difference until BJP wins these states- except the BJP every other self-styled secular political parties are termed liberal after all and play the same politics in the bigger canvas.

Congress leader Mohan Prakash even came up with a bizarre conspiracy theory that the BJP had the backing of Mossad to win the elections.

The problem is BJP. The problem is ABVP. The problem is Hindu Mahasabha. The problems are the Republicans.

Donald Trump is the American who was mocked the most in America. All his jibes or political taunts were subjected to scrutiny and he had been portrayed as a masterpiece personal attacker but the same media enjoyed as Barrack Obama insulted Trump from stage a couple of years back, the same media enjoyed as Obama flashed a not-so-funny smile as the anchors mocked Trump in front of Obama in another occasion. And this same Obama is considered the epitome of mannerism?

Trump may have a charter that is critical, that may have fallacies, that may need reformations, but at least he had, something better to cash on, than Hillary for whom the best reason to vote her to President is her gender- she is a woman wanting to become first female president of the states.

Only because America has chosen a president who is black (and most Americans regretted it) just to uphold its anti-racist values, doesn’t mean it has to take another chance to prove its values against gender discrimination. A post like President should be given to an individual with quality and not by looking at the race, gender or sexual orientation of the candidate.

America has done the same and overnight the same America which was seen as heaven started looking like hell if you look through the glasses of the liberals. The same America which voted a Black started looking like a country of Ku Klux Klan.

Self-styled liberals started staging protests which swiftly transformed into violent riots and racial and political attacks against the voters of Trump. America had never seen a Fascism like this. The white supremacists never even protested, let alone stage a rampage, when Obama was elected, they had humbly accepted the mandate. But these self-styled liberals have shown the worst form of Fascism.

They can’t really accept any other party in power that doesn’t fit their own framework- what is Fascism if this is not? From #NotMyPresident to allegations of Russians hacking the EVM to elect Trump- every funny excuse were given away. An America which proudly used to boast having the best field and cyber intelligence agencies like CIA and NSA had given away the rumors of Russian hacking just to give the last bite to overthrow Trump.

And now this UP election. BJP has managed an unparalleled victory in UP bagging 312 seats among 403, 56 out of 69 in the UK, while performing moderate in Goa and Manipur bagging 13 out of 40 and 21 out of 60 respectively, though compared to past performance, BJP has gained more ground this time. However, BJP has miserably lost in Punjab with 3 out of 117 seats.

Ironically EVM tampering allegations have been put in UP and UK election results where BJP has shown remarkable performance. UP didn’t have the trace of BJP in last mandate and so in administration- so who exactly did the tampering? And if tampering really happened in UP and UK how come the results of other states, Punjab in particular- were not tampered? Because BJP has either lost or malperformed therein?

The style of reporting these results varied from media to media. While reporting the landslide victory of BJPin UP the Indian Express didn’t forget to mention that it had the debacle in Bihar and Delhi. The other media houses vilified UP and UK by crediting the success of BJP to rising fanaticism in the states. While Goa, Manipur and Punjab’s mandate was welcomed by the media crediting it to the rejection of Hindutva.

How come media which is supposed to present news, label adjectives? And even then how can they claim themselves unbiased and get offended when they hear the allegations of #PaidMedia?

The liberals of the present time have surpassed Fascists of past in their own ideology. These self-styled liberals can’t stand the mere existence of any differing ideology. #LiberalFascism is the neo-Fascism.

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Titu Shadowson
Titu Shadowson has written investigative articles in premier Afghan daily Afghanistan Times on topics like military and geopolitics. He has has been republished by numerous digital and print media.
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