Exclusive interview with College girls campaign against Love Jihad in Indore

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On 14 September 2014 around 50 college girls in Indore had protested against Love Jihad, a phenomena who Communally lusty Muslim men trap Hindu women for conversion trough marriage and sexploitation.

CW interviewed the anti love jihad protesters & victims in Indore on various aspects of Love Jihad. CW interviewed the anti love jihad protesters & victims in Indore on various aspects of Love Jihad.

Indore, Madhya Pradesh: College girls were found carrying out a massive protest against Love Jihad in the heart of the city of Indore. The girls in their twenties marched the streets with their faces covered under hankies or scarf, holding placards that contained informative stats against Love Jihad. The protest lasted for around three hours and continued to draw the attention of the onlookers who built conversations with the girls protesting, who numbered between 40 and 50. Dressed in normal top jeans and some of them in traditional Salwar they didn’t have any signatures like flags or banners that could affiliate them to any political organization. A lot of the young girls careful and curious took part in the conversation with them however some boys from a particular community were taking their close pictures despite the presence of the policemen. CW team members in Indore had an exclusive chat with the girls which elaborated their purpose.

TNT: This is 14th September and the Hindu Janjagruti Samiti has also scheduled their pan-Indian protest in the same issue today itself. Are you a part of that?

Protestor: We are not politically or socially affiliated with any organization. We all are college students who have sacrificed a day for a better cause, to awaken the women from a venomous type of exploitation running under communal instinct. We support all kind of organizations who have a similar mindset like us in this issues including HJS. But we are not HJS members. We are just awakened young girls trying to wake the other sleeping girls up. But we are not sponsored by anyone.

TNT: Are you girls all victims of Love Jihad?

Protestor: Not all, but yes, we have some of our members who were victims of Love Jihad, they had indulged into a relationship who proposed them with their alias as Mohan and later come out to be Moin. Most of them went through tremendous torture from such hateful boys. But rests of us are not the victims and we can’t afford to be one. We believe that prevention is better than cure.

TNT: What is done with the girls who fall victim to Love Jihad?

Protestor: As you can see in news reports and observations that these girls are first tortured to highest extent and then they are forced to go through religious conversion and get entitled to Islamic law where you can’t get justice in India even if you are raped by your father-in-law. They have to share their husbands with other wives leaving their prestige behind which is a shame for any born Hindu girl. And the Muslims can dump their Hindu wife in one way manner at any time at will. They are forced into prostitution racket and are even sold to the Gulf Nations. Some of them are found in terrorism as well, recently such a girl was arrested in Mangalore. This terrorism through convert girls is a booming project mainly in the western nations. Ultimately your life will become worse than hell.

TNT: But religion is someone’s personal matter, why should anyone bother in that?

Protestor: Yes, religion is the personal matter, then why such boys force them to convert? Why they hide their religion in a treacherous manner? 

TNT: Are you carrying out signature campaign? What will you do with that?

Protestor: Yes, we are carrying out a signature campaign and we want to submit these signatures to the Prez and PM of India. We want a strong law against this Love-Jihad. First of all, we want all those who have forged their identities to exploit the females, must be tried with IPC 420 and forgery. A strong law must be implemented against these hateful elements.

TNT: How do you find ‘hate’ in Love-Jihad? Recently in a famous TV debate, a school girl said that if she marries a Muslim boy, it will strengthen the bond between two communities.

Protestor: It's nothing but hateful lust, not even a love. Love doesn’t come from treachery and the hate gets unmasked after the love’s mask is removed. That’s why the victims end up in sorrow and grief. One thing is noticeable that the same boy who hates the culture, religion and family members- males in particular and males from our community, how does he gather the immense love for our womenfolk? Is it not the exploitative instinct? And in the case of the TV debate you are talking, you have to look at the anchor, she has married twice and both are Kashmiri Muslims, so how can you expect her to arrange an audience that would let the debate expose Love Jihad. And for such girls who say that Love Jihad builds a bond between the communities, I would ask her whether she is a pimp? Because their other ways to build bonds other than sleeping with them, there are ways of friendship, brotherhood too. But why they are not interested in such ways? There is a difference between mutual respect and submission. Clapping requires two hands. Can she convince a single of her Muslims male friends to allow their sisters to marry Hindu boys? They will not. Why is that they want the girl to be Hindu and boy to be Muslims always and in a single case of reverse, they are up in arms? This is nothing but total dominating mentality.

TNT: You have inserted news reports here in your banners but we can see editorial pieces in national and international level magazines which portray the Love Jihad issue as a “patriarchal propaganda” by BJP.

Protestor: Digvijay Singh has inspired the opinion makers a lot and they love to label us to be BJP-RSS agents. I find it strange that they devote a hard time to prove that BJP or RSS is not the representative of Hinduism but whenever some elements try to talk for the sake of Hindus, s/he is instantly labeled as BJP-RSS stooge. Hope they could use such brain in proper use. We have inserted only “news” which reflect the fact however the editorials are all “opinions” and they are not facts but they are what the opinion makers feel about the fact. Those are what those people feel. Tell me if we are RSS or BJP agents, then are all those girls who have raised the issues of Love Jihad in media including the international level shooter Tara Sahdev, RSS-BJP agents? And despite having such female agents BJP is called patriarchal and running a chauvinist patriarchal propaganda? You can easily notice who are confused or trying to confuse and who are actually running propaganda through their misguiding opinions. And about their definition of patriarchy I would like to say that they don’t find the veil or Burqa to be patriarchal, indeed they consider it progressive, that speaks all about them.

TNT: Final question. Why have you hidden your faces?

Protestor: You can see their audacity (pointing towards the boys from a special community taking the pictures of these girls), they are clicking us at the presence of policemen. If we are harmed in future, the culprits will get a juvenile status as Mohammed Afroz got even after being the main and brutal rapist of the Delhi rape victim. Now I hope you have got your answers.

The News Tales team has conversed with the Love Jihad victims and now researching into the matter and the findings will be published in The News Tales under the hashtag #LoveJihad from time to time. So stay tuned to this space.

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Sakshi Bhardwaj
Sakshi Bhardwaj is JNU alumna and writes analytical and substantial commentaries and reports on topics ranging from Geopolitics to Social and Political issues. She has also written for various magazines and attended international seminars on National Security and Internal Conflicts.
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