Gorkha Pradesh strategically important to secure Chicken Neck area: Journalist Rajesh Sharma

Published on 4 Apr 2017 on category Internal Security for zone North East

Gorkha journalist Rajesh Sharma says that a Gorkha Homeland named Gorkha Pradesh is strategically important to secure Chicken Neck or Siliguri Corridor.

Mr. Rajesh Sharma addressing at the conference for Gorkha Pradesh Mr. Rajesh Sharma addressing at the conference for Gorkha Pradesh

April 9th, New Delhi: 

In his address in the “Conference For Regional Justice” at Plenary Hall in the Indian Law Institute, jointly organized by Rashtriya Adhikar Manch and Live Values Foundation, senior Gorkha journalist Rajesh Sharma stated that Gorkha Pradesh, a homeland for Gorkhas is mandatory to secure strategically important Chicken Neck area.

The program was organized to emphasize the need for a Gorkha homeland, a separate province for Gorkhas in the Darjeeling district and special status for the states like Telangana and Tripura. While the other dignitaries in the panel projected the need for the Gorkha homeland through the history and contribution of the Gorkhas, Mr. Sharma had a strategic point.

Chicken Neck area which is otherwise called the Siliguri Corridor is a very narrow geographic bridge between mainland India and ‘Seven Sister States’, which at one point narrows down its width to 17 miles or 27 KMs. Like a chicken can be strangled to death by grabbing hold on its soft neck, this Siliguri Corridor is considered the same thing by various intelligence agencies operating to Balkanize India- Pakistani ISI, Chinese CSIS and Bangladeshi DGFI.

In 2009 the Chinese semi government official think tank “International Institute of Strategic Studies” had published a paper to strategize Balkanization of India in which the Chicken Neck strategy was given primary importance. In 1962 war and 1967 skirmish between India and China the Peoples Liberation Army –China carried out the primary assault through this area.

Mr. Rajesh Sharma points out at the potential of a anguish among the Gorkhas of the region. The Gorkhas despite forming a different fashion sense, food habits, language and features, are not given the right to form a separate province according to the Indian constitution. The Gorkhas face discrimination at the hand of different states.

Mr. Sharma pointed out at the sad incidents like lathicharge at the ex-Army Gorkha officials demanding Gorkha Pradesh, which only adds salt to the wound.

“While the West Bengal Government run by Mamata Banerjee calls and treats us like foreigners, the real foreign infiltrators like Bangladeshi Muslims are settled in our area. These settlers are serving the DGFI’s cause of Greater Bangladesh,” alleged Mr. Sharma.

The foreign intelligence agencies have long been eager to exploit and manipulate the Gorkha anguish. The Nepali Maoists have been trying to brainwash the Indian Gorkhas. The Bangladeshi infiltration just adds more concern. The security concern of the zone is only growing at a geometric rate. However to counter that West Bengal Government has only undertrained Village Defense Committees and Civic Police.

Subconventional wars have become the new war order one can’t fight it in simple conventional weapons. “Government has to launch proper measures to counter the propaganda and political war launched against India at the Chicken Neck area. And the only solution is to meet the demand of Gorkhas and rest Gorkhas will see themselves,” said Mr. Sharma.

“Gorkhas don’t want a separate nation, but a separate and strong state within the nation, rest we ensure the safety of the zone we live in,” ensured Mr. Rajesh Sharma while ending his address to the audience in the Indian Law Institute opposite to the Supreme Court of India.

Written By
Sakshi Bhardwaj
Sakshi Bhardwaj is JNU alumna and writes analytical and substantial commentaries and reports on topics ranging from Geopolitics to Social and Political issues. She has also written for various magazines and attended international seminars on National Security and Internal Conflicts.
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