Hindu in Persian doesn’t mean thief or slave, it was forged by Indian Muslims in 1964

Published on 15 Apr 2015 on category WTF Hoax Buster for zone Rest of India

Some Sikh and Muslim fundamentalists propagate that the meaning of the word HINDU is thief, cunning or black. Aamna Shahwani dug into the origin of this propaganda.

The meaning of Hindu in Persian dictionary is not thief or black, it means followers of Hinduism The meaning of Hindu in Persian dictionary is not thief or black, it means followers of Hinduism

One of the worst jokes I have heard in my life from the expert jokers is that the word ‘Hindu’ in Persian means ‘thief’, ‘black’ or ‘slave’ etc and I was gaining this incredible knowledge from two kinds of people- the Indian Muslims and Sikhs. And I had different reasons to laugh at them differently.

There are only two kinds of propagandists who can beat the Nazi propaganda- the Islamic propagandists and the Sikh propagandists, both excelled in transforming a lie into a truth by repeated iterations. And I have heard this bullshit from both of them.

“Hindu means black, thief and slave,” enlightened a Sikh propagandist named Ajmer Singh Randhawa who has made up blogs like Zee TV Against Sikhs, Amitabh Bachan Against Sikhs, Blah Blah Against Sikhs etc etc and he was telling me in a discussion forum that Hindu is a Persian word which means black, thief and slave at the same time. “Anything else?” I was wondering.

I was unable to connect the dots between thief, black and slave which made them converge into a single Persian word- Hindu. Different thoughts started flowing in Brownian Motion within my brain- are the Indian thieves all black? What is the relation between slave and a thief- I mean would a slave of Persian Islamists have the audacity to act as a thief?

Later it came out that Ajmer Singh Randhawa the great linguistic expert whose entire knowledge on Persian is limited to a single word- Hindu, has no acquaintance with any other Persian word. But as a Baloch, I have a good hold on the Persian language and I know that there is no ‘original’ Persian word named ‘Hindu’ in the Persian vocabulary.

But I wanted to dig the root of this nonsense, why do they insist that Hindu means thief, what documents do they have to back their claim. During my research I found out that this nonsense was first created in 1964 in a ‘Persian Dictionary’ named ‘Lughat-e-Kishwari’ where Hindu was said to mean thief, dacoit, slave and plunder. Another dictionary named “Urdu-Feroze-ul-Lughat’ translated Hindu from Turkish to be -in Turkish: chor, raahzan and lutera (looter). In Persian: ghulam (slave), barda (obedient servant), sia faam (black color) and kaalaa (black).

Look who is talking. The Persians and Turks who are the proven invaders and plunderers are said to call Hindus to be plunderer and thieves- what a joke. But most surprising of all is that these so called Persian and Turkish dictionaries were not published in Turkey or Iran- but in Lucknow, India by Indian Muslims. In fact there is no native and original word ‘Hindu’ in either Persian or Turkish vocabulary at all.

The derogatory projection of the Hindus can be easily understood, it is easy to get the magnitude of the frustration of the Indian Muslims who took centuries after centuries upto 1964 to find out that Hindu in Persian means thief, black, looter and all kind of derogatory words a loser can hurl to the source of frustration. Interestingly, the real Persians still don’t know that they have an invisible word named Hindu in their dictionary which means thief, black, slave blah blah blah.

History and geography both has betrayed the Hindus and kept it away from its allegedly ‘original’ meaning. Before 1964 the Indian Muslims never knew and in Iran the Persians still don’t know. But if some people know it other than Indian Muslims and cherish it, they are Sikh propagandists and supremacists.

The Sikh supremacists have cooked this up and had spread it all over the world that Hindu means thief, black and slave. One of the most famous article elaborating this great ‘fact’ is by an American Sikh Baldev Singh, who happens to be a PHD and a staunch Khalistani ideologue.

So far I have already explained how this meaning was forged. Then what is the real meaning of the word Hindu? And how did it come from?

‘Hindu’ is an ‘evolved’, not original, word in Persian language. The Persians used to pronounce S/Sh as H at one time and thus called the interface of India and Iran, the Sapta-Sindhu region as Hapta-Hindu and the dwellers of this area were called Hindus by the Persians.

All Sikh and Muslim supremacists call this a conspiracy theory and ask how could the Persians pronounce Shia and Shaheen then? Probably these great analysts don’t know about forced pronunciations and natural once. Humans have the capabilities to pronounce anything, but yet in natural mode they can’t pronounce many things. A lot of Muslims pronounce Hadees as Hadith, Sikhs are known for their distorted pronunciations, Chinese pronounce their leader Mao-Tse-Tung or Mao-Zedong’s name in such a way that non-Chinese would have a tough time decoding what they just heard.

The Persians were not the first one for such vocal distortions. Hind, India etc names are all due that Sapta-Sindhu region, the Indo-Iranian interface. When Megasthenes the Greek royal messenger came to India he wrote a travel memoir back in Greece named Indica after which India was named. This Sindh, Hind, Ind are more related than frustration and filth filled thief, dacoit and black.

I am surprised at the Sikhs, how do they think that Persians would call the Indians to be black, because all the Indians the Persians faced, were the dwellers of the interface, the people of Sapta-Sindhu, the ancestors of these very Sikhs. What a pity, in a racist way these Sikh supremacists are calling the Hindus to be black and forgetting their own ancestors who were the only ‘Hindus’ Persians frequented with. There is always a reason behind the formation of jokes- hence proved.

Finally I would like to attach a snapshot from most famous and credible online Persian dictionaries. Here is a snap from Dictionary-Farsi.Com where I have searched the word ‘Hindu’ and all I found is that in Persian Hindu means the follower of the Hinduism and nothing else- no black, no thief and nothing else. So go and get a life Sikh supremacists and Indian Muslims.

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Aamna Shahwani
Late Aamna Shahwani was a Baloch columnist in premier Afghan daily 'Afghanistan Times'. She used to write columns on strategic affairs, culture and religion and current affairs.
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