IAF not be used in anti-Maoist operations: IAF Chief PV Naik

Published on 12 Apr 2010 on category Internal Security for zone Rest of India

Indian Air Force chief has denied the proposal to use air force in bombing the territories with Naxalite influence.

Former Indian Air Force Chief PV Naik Former Indian Air Force Chief PV Naik

April 12, 2010; New Delhi: The Indian Air Force chief Pradeep

 Vasant Naik has denied the proposal made by Government of India to use air-power in the anti-Maoist operations in the nation. The Government wanted full-fledge heavy dose Army operations aided by aerial bombardment into targeted locations in the red zones, however the military analysts and Air Chief Marshall turned down the proposal.

According to the military analysts it is foolish to use air-power in the operations in red-zones since that will surely bring heavy civilian casualty since the Maoists use civilians as their shield. This is what the Maoists want and they will brainwash the civilians to fight against the establishment. The majority of the civilians in the red-zone are nationalists and anti-Maoists, they are just afraid.

There were proposals for aerial bombing with bombs which can totally destroy areas of 800 Sq Km. The Air Force chief denied that proposal but agreed to provide some gunship helicopters and choppers and IAF spec ops Garud Commandos and specialized snipers. The chief said that these people are our own brothers who have been misguided and headed by malicious elements from back who must be treated in the way they deserve rather than conducting heavy operation against the entire naxal ruled areas.

The Army officers also said that the Army is not prepared for the less-devastate operation that is required in such operations. So rather than using regular army units, proposals were made to provide Special Forces.

As a matter of fact, the same government which is so high-pitch in using aerial bombing in the red-zone, fully knowing the consequences, are more than mum in case of permitting the army conducting the special operations of covert nature in the terrorism-ridden Jammu and Kashmir.

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Sakshi Bhardwaj
Sakshi Bhardwaj is JNU alumna and writes analytical and substantial commentaries and reports on topics ranging from Geopolitics to Social and Political issues. She has also written for various magazines and attended international seminars on National Security and Internal Conflicts.
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