ISIS injecting hormones into female Yezidi kids for premature growth

Published on 11 Sep 2014 on category Terrorism Updates for zone Middle East

The reason behind the sparing of the Yezidi children by the ISIS terrorists who have killed their kins in front of their eyes, is not some kind of mercy but just yet another cruel lust.

Yezidi Children traumatized inhumane torture by ISIS Yezidi Children traumatized inhumane torture by ISIS

Aamna Shahwani reporting from ground, Tikrit, Iraq: The reason behind the sparing of the Yezidi children by the ISIS terrorists who have killed their parents and relative in front of their eyes, is not some kind of mercy but just yet another cruel lust that makes ISIS guys ‘mercy’ the young girls who have been spared from beheading so that they could be taken as sex-slave. The children are being preserved for making sex slave in near future.

In a hurried lust, the Yezidi children are being injected some growth hormones so that they grow fast and look like a mature teen even when they are very much under-teen. The Yezidi female kids are basically given the hormones that bring growth in their sexual organs, in particular, breast. The ISIS wants to utilize these captive children at the earliest.


Due to irregular and uncontrolled amount of injections, the Yezidi children are facing growth disorders and some are facing severe pain. A mysterious voluntary resistance organization fighting on behalf of Yezidis whose primary intention being saving the Yezidi kids has rescued some Yezidi girls and found these disorders. The female member of the team is taking care of those children and cleaning and dressing their wounds.

The Yezidi massacre was reported later but the actual massacre started along with the Shia massacre and some Yezidi families scattered in non-Yezidi areas have been targeted and their kids were taken captive. These Yezidi kids have been premature and they are subjected to constant rape and molestation by the ISIS terrorists. As a result of this torture, most of the kids have developed some psychological disorder.

The kids are even taking the caring touch of the males of the rescue group as yet another attempt to rape. So the female member has to take care of them. However, some two three kids are reacting to even the female indicating that they might have been sexually exploited by the female members of the ISIS as well.

Not only the female kids but also the male kids too have been subjected to molestation by the male and female members of ISIS. According to various testimonials, these kids are being filtered according to their beauty and in accordance to that they are being ‘prepared’ to be sold to various Saudi Sheikhs or Emirs. The Islamic tycoons are funding the ISIS war on a return of these ‘Golden Goose’ as these kids are named. Rather than raping these kids themselves, the ISIS are ‘preparing’ them for their fund-raising.

Also, the girls and kids were given some 'tablets' and they have no idea for which purpose. The description of the incidents says that those tablets might have been growth tablets or anti-pregnancy pills which ISIS gives these captives so that they don't get pregnant and continue serving as potential sex slaves of these terrorists.

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Aamna Shahwani
Late Aamna Shahwani was a Baloch columnist in premier Afghan daily 'Afghanistan Times'. She used to write columns on strategic affairs, culture and religion and current affairs.
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