Dear Rajdeep Sardesai, “Shaql Sudharo Aur Humein Jeene Do”

Published on 4 Jul 2017 on category Gender Conflict for zone Rest of India

Rajdeep Sardesai's wife Sagarika Ghose, a feminist had generalized Indian men saying- "Indian Men are ugliest in the world." Sakshi writes a harsh open letter to Rajdeep Sardesai asking his take on it

Wonder how Rajdeep Sardesai takes the statement of his wife Sagarika Ghose that Indian men are ugly Wonder how Rajdeep Sardesai takes the statement of his wife Sagarika Ghose that Indian men are ugly

Dear Rajdeep Sardesai,

Though I follow the trends and milestones in the field of geopolitical journalism very closely, it took me a long time to know about you despite being one of most sponsored journalists in India. I don’t hold you guilty for that, the entire Indian media is pathetic and lack the quality the prominent media houses like RT or Sputnik has.

But when talking about you, you are more famous for your online rants, abuses, F-words online and open letters than any quality geopolitical analysis that you have hardly penned down ever. I once thought to congratulate you when you set a record of ‘The First Indian Journalist To Be Slapped On Foreign Land.’ But I never bothered since I was busy with really important stuff.

But in recent days I am very disturbed with something that has everything to do with you. Nethead ugly men with faces resembling the face of goats more than humans are now trolling and abusing Indian men in front of me using your wife’s comments and a bullshit generalization. My mistake and a proud mistake that all men and women in my family are pure blooded Hindus and Indians and so any insult on our identity hurts which is not the case with people with mixed blood and complex birth history.

So I thought of writing an open letter to a person who is more famous for his rants through occasional open letters to people.

The media has reported that the legendary custodian of feminism- your wife, said that “Indian men are the ugliest.” And this is being used by Pakistanis and Indian Muslims alike. Guess what- you are responsible for that.

If your wife has seen men like you closely, and with that experience, she is generalizing the face of Indian men, get it clear- she has serious psychiatric conditions. If you are not the inspiration behind the ‘verdict’, who is? Because the only people who can come into her proximity are the ones who side “Bharat Ki Barbadi” gang and they actually stink- they are goat face and least hygienic and too unhygienic to maintain a close distance- I would have seconded your wife in that but discourage her generalization given they are the microscopic minority.

What amazes me most is that you have never replied to your wife- you never questioned her on this! You are so dear to her. She called “Indian Men” to be “Ugly”. I wouldn’t comment on how ugly you are- none of my business- but “Indian Men”- are you not an Indian? I mean by the paper you are an Indian- is there any identity conflict? Genetic or paper-based identity clash? I have no issues with it when its people like you- but then why this hue and cry when people call you “Un-Indian”?

And in case you are Indian and even after that comment your wife is so dear to you- then also people are connecting an American trend where the so-called liberated or liberal (whatever sweet word you choose for those women) wives who hate their men and love others from opposite camps- while their husbands enjoy this. This is called “Cuckold” in the west. People are wondering if that has already come in India among Indian libtards!

Whatever be the reasons- I have some suggestions to you so that you can cure your wife and let us live- your wife’s rants are actually pathetic.

  1. Learn to have a little self-respect. And take this- this is the most prominent one, I know its hard being in self-styled secular media of India. But it is for your own benefit.
  2. Ask your wife to practice what she preaches- stop being judgmental on a community when she can’t tolerate a judgment on an individual when s/he is a libtard.
  3. Prepare her not to cry victim when someone reverses the statement and ask her about her looks. That may take her to depression I should remind.
  4. Indian Men are really handsome and charming and most of the women are happy with the men. My sympathies for you personally, in case this is not the case with you but don’t generalize your weakness with our society.
  5. This is very unlikely a proposal to come from us- but libtards like you don’t generally mind it. She has seriously narrow exposure, take her to a tour where she can see the real charm of Indian men. That can really help the society.
  6. And last but not the least- “Shaql Sudharo Apni.” Since your wife has a confused beauty standard- try beautification tips or whatever- beautify your face little better because you are the sole inspiration and source of your wife’s bullshits.

Someone’s husband ‘s face is ugly and body stinks- why should entire community face the blame? Someone is a cuck and entire society gets trolled for that- this is unacceptable. And we know this is hard, but this really helps if it gets cured.

Good luck Rajdeep, “Shaql Sudharo, Jeeo Aur Jeene Do.”

With Regards,

Sakshi Bhardwaj

Written By
Sakshi Bhardwaj
Sakshi Bhardwaj is JNU alumna and writes analytical and substantial commentaries and reports on topics ranging from Geopolitics to Social and Political issues. She has also written for various magazines and attended international seminars on National Security and Internal Conflicts.
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