Islamic moral slap on Gauhar Khan and Zee’s Islamic perception management thereafter

Published on 1 Dec 2014 on category Media Monitor for zone Rest of India

Gauhar Khan in one of her show was slapped by a fan named Mohammed Aqeel Khan for 'nudity'. The media however tried to whitewash the Islamic moral policing by dragging Hindu Mahasabha to distract.

Gauhar Khan was slapped by Mohammed Aqeel Khan Gauhar Khan was slapped by Mohammed Aqeel Khan

Yesterday the reality show came real when a tight slap flapped the face of Gauhar Khan as she was dancing in the costumes that were low according to the standards common persons including an audience present down the stage. The short dresses were enough to provoke Mohammed Aqeel Khan to slap and humiliate Gauhar in front of thousands of her fans. It was a slap of one Islamic radical on another Islamic radical whose radicalism permits her to date, hangout and romance and anything with a Hindu co-actor but bars a marriage with him until he submits to Islam. Her radicalism is a moderate kind of radicalism that allows her to become a radical in bikini. Unlike all other ‘Muslimah’ with their tagline, “My bikini doesn’t cut down my Islamic morals,” she too was such a radical who had a moderate mask like all others of her category. But this excellence was misunderstood by people like Mohammed Aqeel Khan who should have actually praised her that she still maintained out her Islamic chastity despite millions of un-Islamic eyes craving towards her vitals she deliberately exposes in her bikini. She is a professional Muslim who doesn’t mix business and religion.

For Mohammed the first reason was her date with a non-Muslim boy. Mohammed didn’t agree with her idea of go-slow and wanted to first convert and then date rather than first date then convert and then marry. The second reason as he revealed to the police after his arrest was her short dresses which don’t coincide with the Islamic standards which expects such a staunch ‘Muslimah’ who chooses to expel from life a man who chooses a break up than to give up his religion, to wear Burqa rather than Bikini. The Slap was one thing, but the media perception management thereafter excellently demonstrated how the Indian mainstream media (MSM) is actually serving as the PR for the Islamic radicals. What inspired Mohammed Aqeel Khan to slap Gauhar Khan? Was it the Islamic dress code or that of the Khap Panchayats of Haryana and Uttar Pradesh? Common sense might go for the first option but the MSM went for the second, for reasons well-known. Zee News immediately telecasted a show “Ladkiyon ki Azadi par Pabandi” (Axe on the Women Liberty) and relocated two of its journalists Mr. Goyal and Mr. Garg towards Jind-Haryana and Muzaffarnagar-UP. Mr. Goyal didn’t seem running news but a brief he seems to have copying. “Dekhiye ye aadmi kya keh raha hai… kya aap aisa soch bhi sakte hain?...” (See what this man is saying… can you even imagine such?” Goyal wants the public to imagine under his ideological line that doesn’t go beyond a ban on jeans and never reaches Burqa. Same for Garg.

Goyal’s coverage had an interview of a Hindu Mahasabha leader in Jind and Garg’s coverage had that of a Khap Panchayet in Muzaffarnagar. The summary of both the leaders’ concepts is that the parents should be careful of the children specially girl children, they should be allowed jeans but not the highly tight fitting ones which has a showoff concept behind the design, mobiles and such applications must be allowed after 18 so that she gets a little maturity to tackle the vulnerability that comes embedded with these things and some excuses for traditional Indian dresses like Salwar over jeans.

These reasons and conceptions are no doubt both moderate and extremist for different moral standards. However any standard that finds these things to be provocative, immediately loses the moral right to lecture on the vulnerabilities of mobile and discuss on CBS research on tight jeans’ side effects over health, but as they say, anything for TRP. Any standard that finds these things to be an axe on the women liberty deserves to be called extremely shameless, spineless, dogmatic, biased and fanatic when they either chooses to ignore force of Islamic veil or Burqa or chooses to justify them.

It’s strange how the same media which finds the ban on jeans provocative, never utter a single word against the Islamists who even banned the disclosure of face and forced to hide the face of Muslim women under Burqa. For them an allowance of mobile after 18 years seems illogical but they don’t find it illogical when some enlightened Islamic cleric reveals the words of wisdom that rape can happen through eyes as well, so hide your face.

Illustration of bigger shamelessness comes when media terms the veil as the ‘rights’ of the Muslim women and not compulsion. And whose views they telecast? The female Islamic leaders who themselves don’t wear Burqa but have a fan following of the fanatics who hide their womenfolk behind veils. They interview the trembling veiled ladies whose life and death in the name of honor depends on the showoff of morals from her side- reminds me of the sacrificial goat thinking that going to slaughter tool is her choice and not compulsion.

Why such double standard? Is it a campaign for giving liberty? Then Muslim women need far more liberty than those Hindu women who already get extreme liberty. But in the name of liberty the media houses are running actually a Muslim-appeasing malignant campaign to please the Islamic fanatics that want to see their own women imprisoned and find scope to exploit the liberty of the non-Muslim women and make them hate their own non-Muslim men. That’s why there is a campaign to extra-enlarge the so called Taliban decrees and suppress the real Taliban ideology as much as they can. Whoever does the suppressing campaign, they don’t have guts to take on the Islamic radicals. The present case is just that and not at all a balancing act.

It was first published by TNT's parent portal Covert Wires.

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