Mamata does the real work: Anisur Rehman

Published on 2 Nov 2010 on category Politics for zone Bengal

Highly glad by the Muslim appeasing stand of Mamata Bannerji CPIM leader Anisur Rehman has praised Mamata saying she does the real work.

Anisur Rehman of CPIM said Mamata does the real work Anisur Rehman of CPIM said Mamata does the real work

November 2, 2010; Kolkata: Quite unexpectedly a leftist leader had started singing praise for Mamata Bannerji, the TMC leader who is the number one political enemy of the CPM. Today Mr. Anisur Rehman, a veteran ‘communist’ has praised Mamata Bannerji remarking about her that she does the real work. “Mamata Kaj Koren”, the veteran ‘communist’ leader has said today before the press.

Mr. Anisur Rehman is the serving transport minister of the left front run government of West Bengal and is a blatant voice for the Muslim community and the Islamic causes within the ‘secular’ left front. Mr. Rehman is known for taking up the Islamic causes and has bold links with veteran Islamic leaders in the province.

The main reason behind Mr. Rehman’s sudden love and respect for his party’s number one political enemy is the constant voice Mamata Bannerji is raising to promote the Islamic causes in the province, from pledges for setting up a number of specialized Islamic institutes and universities to special packages to Muslims exclusively etc. Mr. Rehman is one among the many Muslim ‘communist’ leaders who have praised Mamata for taking up the Islamic causes.

The left-front however didn’t react to this statement by Mr. Rehman, neither any action has been taken against him, which is usual in such cases.

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Sakshi Bhardwaj
Sakshi Bhardwaj is JNU alumna and writes analytical and substantial commentaries and reports on topics ranging from Geopolitics to Social and Political issues. She has also written for various magazines and attended international seminars on National Security and Internal Conflicts.
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