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There was difference in political opinions whether Modi’s craze among the Indian voters was a wave, a storm or a Tsunami- popularly known as TsuNamo (Namo standing for Narendra Modi)

The report of Aamna Shahwani as published in the Afghanistan Times newspaper The report of Aamna Shahwani as published in the Afghanistan Times newspaper

There was difference in political opinions whether Modi’s craze among the Indian voters was a wave, a storm or a Tsunami- popularly known as TsuNamo (Namo standing for Narendra Modi) but ultimately it came out to be a Solar Storm from the Rising Sun, the hero of New Bharat- Narendra Bhai Damodardas Modi, the former Chief Minister of Gujarat and next Prime Minister of Bharat.

The criteria to assume power in the Government of Bharat was to win at least 272 seats among 543 seats. In the largest democracy of this planet, 8,251 candidates were contesting for 543 seats, i.e. 15 candidates per seat as an average which makes it impossible for a single party to win a majority. Given the diverse cultural and ethnic aspect in the varying geography of Bharat, there was a rise of the regional parties in India and the national level parties have to be in coalition with the regional parties to make government. And this coalition brings the national level parties at gunpoint at the decision making instant. And the last government by BJP (1999 to 2004) was also a coalition with a number of parties and the BJP couldn’t fulfil the promises it made as they were blackmailed by the regional parties.

But this time the BJP has set a record. Their former coalition of National Democratic Alliance (NDA) was broken and most parties left and BJP remained only with Shiv Sena and Akali Dal, Punjab, Gorkha Janamukti Morcha etc but yet this new NDA has surprisingly crossed the mark of 333/543 whereas the media’s exit-poll opinions varied from 249 to 289 and one channel opined a 325/543 mark for NDA. But surprisingly the BJP has stormed the entire political scenario and attained 282/543 all on its own and 333/543 for the NDA coalition and thus they really didn’t need any coalition which the Babul Supriyo, the superstar BJP candidate termed as “Gunpoint Blackmailing”. BJP has come out to be the single largest party forming more than 50% of the populace in the Parliament of Bharat. A Clear majority for the Unstoppable!

The Modi Solar Storm made it possible for the BJP to sweep out the odds for BJP. There are some remarkable achievements under the leadership of Modi. Two big provinces of the nation named Gujarat and Rajasthan, the homeland of the Rajputs, the dreaded fighters of the world, have cleanly swept the Congress and others out for BJP with a mark of 26/26 and 25/25. There are some other small provinces like Goa and Sikkim and other center-controlled territories where BJP got 100% seats. Two other achievements are that even the terrorism and secessionism riddled Jammu and Kashmir voted for BJP and their candidates won some seats in JnK. Another secessionism riddled Assam, which is eyed by China, has mandated for Modi and the BJP has won a perfect majority there as well. And this comes after a bulk of nasty games from media, NGOs and domestic and foreign governments.

The same Pakistan which is number one to hate Modi, today saw its own PM Nawaz Sharif inviting Modi to visit Pakistan. Pakistan feared only one politician in India, Narendra Modi, for his incorruptible, indomitable and adamant leadership. There is only one man Modi who dared China and Chinese foreign minister had to down its tone in the issue of 7 sister states of Bharat. Modi was the only point where domestic and foreign politicians coincided. Regarding an unfortunate communal riot between two communities in Gujarat, the media and NGOs and other governments of the union started seeing Gujarat as the enemy state and constantly abused and made efforts to destabilise the Gujarat government and malign Modi with false allegations only to appease a specific chunk of vote-bank. The best investigative agencies which have been long penetrated by the political foes of BJP, couldn’t implicate Modi and he was given clean chit. Yet the Modi-haters run media trials one after another and maligned his image with what not.

Meanwhile, Modi, unshaken by these odds, went up doing his work and he developed his province to such a high level that instilled jealousy among others. The agencies tried a lot to implicate in corruptions as well but to no avail. Modi has projected as the villain to a specific community and that community people participated in the campaign but strange hypocrisy is that the said community forms the main workforce in labor-work in various factories and real estate projects and most of them go to Gujarat to earn bread and butter. So one hand, they from both Gujarat and other states said that they were not safe in Gujarat and on the other hand they are the foremost to migrate to Gujarat to peacefully do their work. That’s why the common mindset of Bharat run by conscience didn’t agree to take bash Modi.

After a long hate campaign against Modi, it was probably the Marxist intellectual N. Ram who first felt that they need to revise their media operation against Modi. In a debate show hosted by Times Now channel he opined that don’t give much media attention to Modi even while ‘countering’ him, else the public will start believing that he is being targeted and will incline towards him. That’s when the media started taking complete U-turn. Also then there was the advent of the great Kejriwal, whose suspicious agenda and activities were unfurled in Afghanistan Times (by Aamna Shahwani) which made a great impact in the Indian political scenario and top Indian Police Service (IPS) officers (retired) agreed the research in their think tanks and Modi also called Kejriwal a Pakistani agent named AK-49 (for his 49 days regime in Delhi) and Pakistani official agencies exposed in the AT analysis, directly came out in his support. Kajri has mastered the art of alleging and running away and anarchy. This anarchist has become a cannon fodder for Congress party and they put childish allegations against Modi and BJP which couldn’t be proved in the courts of law but made a great impact on the media trial.

Kajri gang is the army of abusers and they were only to create confusion. Kajri decided to fight an election against Modi from Varanasi and Vadodara simultaneously and won both seats. However this Kajri didn’t stop from big-mouthing and challenged Modi with abusive languages in many fields and so was Mamata Banerjee, the CM of West Bengal who is still not arrested for having proven links with anti-Indian and terrorist Bangladeshi Jamat-e-Islami.

After farce investigations and media trials both the politically controlled investigative agencies and media surrendered to Modi and bowed down their tone. At this, the Kajri gang came into action and started showing the media to be paid by Modi, the same Modi who has been constantly targeted by the media since more than a decade. The Kajri, the most beloved Indian politician in Pakistan, once tried to project Modi and BJP as funded by Pakistan through childish manner: the option named ‘Pakistan’ in the combo box in the label ‘countries’ in their donation form. They tried to project Modi to be an agent of everyone Indians could hate or oppose, from corporate to Pakistan, whereas AAP itself was patronised by both Pakistan and corporate controlled agencies like Ford Foundation.

Other tactics to malign Modi was the EVM scandal. Indian politician and Harvard economist Dr. Subramanian Swami alleged in 2009 about EVM scandal saying that the EVM computer programs were manipulated in such a way that whatever button you press, the votes will go to Congress. In 2009 the political situation was hostile to Congress and the Mumbai attack in the meantime was supposed to be a major setback but Congress turned out to be a thumping victor. None got any hint who found out what reason to bring Congress into the power for another 5 years. This time Congress tried to play a similar game. Congress was in a dilemma about the final result, which would overpower, Modi Wave or EVM manipulation? In order to show transparency the Congress showed the testing procedure of the EVM to media. And in one case, in Dispur-Assam a faulty EVM forwarded every vote to BJP regardless whatever button was pressed. This news was spread in the media in order to ridicule the BJP’s chances and blame BJP as the fraud. The public don’t bother to judge who controls the EVM, not the opposition but the ruling party. The BJP demanded withdrawal of the faulty machine. However, after all the EVMs passed the security test, there was no faulty EVM working for BJP but in many areas in Maharashtra and Karnataka, most notably in Pune, the EVM forwarded votes to Congress. So Congress played a cunning game, ate the mango and threw the skin on BJP. There was a massive rigging in Uttar Pradesh as well. But all such malice was of no avail.

Mr Modi has made many impossible into possible. The alleged communists of India who are the born and sworn enemies of America, who don’t like even the slightest connection with the Americans, have finally participated in writing letters to American government not to allow Modi entering America, a petition started by the leadership of an anti-Modi section of people. While the media and politicians and intellectuals of this nation have always reacted against American customs for checking and searching the Khans, from Salman Khan to Azam Khan, they showed an example of extreme hypocrisy and genetic impurity by writing letters to them to disallow their own country’s most awaited leader!

Modi said that he will not wish to go to America and will not give the Americans the pleasure to insult Bharat via insulting Modi. The adamant Modi didn’t melt but USA melt and a few months back they sent their ambassador Lancy Powell to meet Modi, quite sure about him being the next future of this nation,  and one of the main points of the mee

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Titu Shadowson & Aamna Shahwani
Titu Shadowson and Aamna Shahwani both were former geopolitical columnist in premier Afghan daily Afghanistan Times.
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