Myths Against Bengalis spread by Pseudo-Nationalists and 50 nationalist counterfacts

Published on 15 Jan 2015 on category WTF Hoax Buster for zone Bengal

A poster is making rounds in social media saying Bengalis are the most traitor community in India. Here are some facts busting the conspiracies spread by psuedo-nationalists.

The poster being spread by so-called Nationalists (Left); women of Mukti Vahini (Right) The poster being spread by so-called Nationalists (Left); women of Mukti Vahini (Right)

May I please Your Self-Styled Nationalism,

I just came across another conspiracy theory being spread by your alikes for provoking hate crimes upon Bengali community. The poster being spread in social media shows that your nationalism is only limited to tweets and shares.

At one hand, I see you saying you love your motherland, all are our brothers, we cannot hate the entire community for some miscreants, while you spread hatred time and again for the laborious Bengali community. Initially, I too had fallen prey to your uneducated but over-propagated lies, however, the world still believes that the sun rises in the East.

The community which has shed blood, time and again for the freedom of her motherland, for breaking the bondages, for protecting the religion and lastly, may it please your low IQ, for progress and for worldwide acclaim India receives, is the Bengali community.

You cannot be a nationalist by expectorating one community and yet chant "Vande Mataram" written by a gem from the same community. While the bravest and most appeased community post 16th May 2014 registered protest against Hon. PM's visit to SAP building in Silicon Valley as his first visit to the United Sates as the Prime Minister of the world's largest democracy, it was the Bengali community which received the PM with warm enthusiasm. When hundreds of NRI Bengalis and Americans received Hon. Prime Minister in traditional Bengali attire, I am sure you must be nursing your sore eyes.

While one community can’t be blamed for murdering the PM in 1984, they cannot be blamed for murdering hundreds of innocents every year, while one community cannot be blamed for demolishing our temples, for slaying our women and children after molesting them, while no community can be called a terrorist for the generalizations can wait to be discussed in air-conditioned rooms, fearing the politics must not be compromised for religion.

Coming back to the topic, here is a comparison between the lies you spread and the truth you had hidden that will exhibit the low IQ and lack of basic education among your pack, saying that this list only includes 50 facts regarding only nationalist aspects.

  1. Batukeshwar Dutt- First martyr of Hunger strike, the Guru of Bhagat Singh.
  2.  Rasbehari Bose- Founder, Indian Independence League which later came to be known as Azad Hind Fauj, which was later headed by another Bengali Subhash Chandra Bose. Not to forget, it was a non-Bengali, Punjabi Captain Mohan Singh who tried to sabotage the military organization.
  3. Punjab, which claims to have largest contribution to Freedom Struggle, despite having extremely minute compared to Bengal and Maharashtra, had its founding father as a Bengali- JM Chatterjee who founded the Saharanpur revolutionary committee where Lala Lajpat Rai, Ambaprasad etc Punjabi veterans took the pledge of freedom struggle under him.
  4. 75.54% of Prisoners in the Cellular Jail were Bengalis according to the official cellular jail data.
  5. First militant organisation against British- Anusheelan Samiti's founder was Bengali.
  6. Most violent militant outfit- Bengal Volunteers.
  7. Largest militant organization- Anusheelan Samiti with more than 500 branches in Bengal.
  8. First advocate of targeted assassinations against British- Bareendranath Ghosh.
  9. Youngest freedom fighter- Harigopal Ball (Tagra), aged 14.
  10. Youngest revolutionary to get death sentence- Khudiram Bose.
  11. First Parliament Style Attack of Reuters Buildings (the British Parliament)- Done by Binoy, Badal and Dinesh. All Bengalis.
  12. First anti-Pakistan riot mob- Hindu National Guard, Hindustan National Guard and Bengali National Guard- All Bengalis. These are the only organizations which inflicted casualties on Pakistani activists during partition, created by Shyama Prasad Mukherjee and Veer Savarkar.
  13. First and only minister who sacrificed his life for the nation- SP Mukherjee, Bengali.
  14. National Anthem- Written by Bengali Rabindranath Thakur.
  15. National Song- written by Bengali Bankim Chandra Chatterjee.
  16. Pioneers of Indian National Freedom Struggle, from Lahore to Chittagong- Bengali.
  17. First nationalist book to be banned- Anandomath by Bankim Chandra Chatterjee.
  18. The man who brought back wanning religious ethics- Bengali (Swami Vivekananda).
  19. The military general of post-independent India who helped Sardar Ballav Bhai Patel unite the nation was a Bengali (Gen. Joyanto Nath Chowdhury)- Operation Polo.
  20. The Anglo-Sikh War who fought the Afghan-Sikh Unity- Maratha Light Infantry (18%) and Bengal Native Infantry (82%).
  21. All outreach operations against British were by Bengalis, viz. Rashbihari Bose, Jatin Mukherjee Bagha, MN Roy, Raja Mahendra Pratap, SC Bose.
  22. The group which broke East Pakistan into Bangladesh were Bengalis- Mukti Vahini.
  23. Most of the RAW Agents are Bengalis. (Officially will be never accepted, word of mouth by veterans.)
  24. Lal Bazar Police Station of Kolkata is called the Scottland Yard of India for its intelligence. FBI seeks its help in security issues of South Asia sometimes.
  25. CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) has more than 70% Bengalis.
  26. First Noble Laureate in all fields- Bengalis.
  27. Most exported Indian native literature- Bangla.
  28. The only language still preserving its Sanskrit roots- Bangla.
  29. Majority of economists, statisticians, scientists, academicians are Bengalis.
  30. One of the most vocal Hinduwadi leader Bollywoodian- Bengali (Abhijeet Bhattacharya).
  31. The most active Hinduwadi group- Hindu Samhati (Bengali).
  32. Only state having Hindu Mercenaries- Bengal.
  33. Only state post-independence which collaborated with foreign agencies and RAW to wipe out communists through covert warfare was a Bengali- Anandmargi (Purlia Arms Drop Case).
  34. The oldest temple which sent it’s Shaligram Shila for Ram Mandir (900 years old)- Bengali Raghuvanshi Clan of Ishvaku Tribe (Bengal).
  35. The only state where even females have killed Islamist fanatics in every riot that occurs- Bengal.
  36. Largest rescue operation against women trafficking by Muslim rioters- Leela Roy (1946) in Noakhali (Bengali).
  37. Outside India, the most radical Hindus are from Bangladesh.
  38. The only state to reverse Love Jihad by Counter Love Jihad- Bengal under political and legal leadership of Tapan Ghosh.
  39. The most radical Hindu Chemist was the Father of Modern Chemistry- Acharya Prafulla Chandra Roy wrote “Hindu Chemistry”.
  40. First nationalist newspaper was in Bengali.
  41. First Indian strategic marriage alliance was by a Bengali- Rasbehari Bose who married Toshiko, from Japanese royal family.
  42. Most of the strategic marriage alliances were by Bengalis- Rasbehari Bose, Subhash Bose, Asit Krishna Mukherjee and many more.
  43. First military coup post-1857 was by Master Da Surya Sen in Chittagong.
  44. First farmer movement against British was done by Bengali indigo farmers.
  45. The most celebrated nationalist historian is Dr. Rameshchandra Mazumdar.
  46. The flames of 1857 were triggered in Bengal only.
  47. It was the Bengali Anusheelan Samiti which stressed upon training in martial arts rather than plain gunnery.
  48. Bengalis were the first community to be barred from joining British Indian Army due to enmity towards British while Sikhs and Muslims were their favorite.
  49. According to Sedition Commission report most of the freedom fighters were Bengalis.
  50. Last but not the least the right winger heroes like Maharana Prataop, Raj Singh etc were glorified in nationalist Bengali novels written by Bankim Chandra Chatterjee and others.

    Regards- Aamna Shahwani
Written By
Aamna Shahwani
Late Aamna Shahwani was a Baloch columnist in premier Afghan daily 'Afghanistan Times'. She used to write columns on strategic affairs, culture and religion and current affairs.
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