Oh My God: Innocence of Muslims Banned while OMG Promoted

Published on 28 Sep 2012 on category Entertainment for zone Rest of India

While everybody in Page 3 and media slammed Innocence of Muslims movie as hate speech against Islam, they have been promoting anti-Hindu movies like Oh My God. Here is a compilation.

Innocence of Muslims movie banned from YouTube Innocence of Muslims movie banned from YouTube

There is one thing among these Bollywood’s non-Muslim actors that makes them extreme secular; they know it very well that it is the Islamic conspiracy that doesn’t let them rise high but instead of fighting this they just go with the flow of oiling the Islamic fanaticism. One point of mine will make it clear; there is a rank-war among the Bollywood’s actors. The Khans like Salman, Shahrukh, Amir are always in a dog-fight in this rank-war. Amir and Salman self-acclaim each other to be top and Shahrukh on the other hand claims so but the media praises all the three. When they reach Akshay Kumar for the same question, he knows it very well that he can’t certify himself as he is not a Khan and so he says, “I am an actor, not a fool that I will be involved in this rank-game.” He doesn’t even have this much courage. This is Akshay and he wants to show courage in anti-Hindu films.

Remember Bhul-Bhulaiya, the film that had nothing to do with the Krishna devotees and that’s why it was not included in the film’s storyline. But only to hurt the Hindus to retain the anti-Hindu nature of Bollywood tastes the people attached a song in the film, “Hare Ram, Hare Ram; Hare Krishna Hare Ram”. In this song some American and African ladies who seemed to have embraced Hinduism are seen in nude outfit with nasty moves wearing saffron and yellow cloths with scriptural inscriptions. Since when the Non-Indian Hindu women started seducing the lusty men? Those people were in the highest stage of sexual-liberalism and found that there is nothing in it and when they come in touch of Hinduism, they embrace it as they realize its essence. They are no more nude-natured. Hinduism is spreading around the globe without any promotion just like Islam is spreading through blade and Christian Missionaries are working with dollars. That’s frustrating the anti-Hindus and as in real world they can’t damage the Hindu image all their efforts are directed to the reel-world. The song is dedicated to this cause. And Akshay Kumar has no problem with it only till his abdomen gets properly stuffed with cash. Trust this Akshay chants Gayatri Mantra before each of his stunt! Is it only his publicity stunt? Or is his faith brittle?

In the film 3 Idiots, the first and greatest idiot Amir Khan instructed to include a scene where the holy ashes of a Hindu dead men are

thrown to the toilet. None knows the necessity of this scene other than to hurt Hindus. Its ok for Amir, it is his culture and religious instruction to hurt the Hindu sentiment. But what about Akshay? Let me tell you, after making a lot of comedy films even Akshay himself has been a comedy. In the film Wednesday there is a joke indirectly on him. There is an action hero who reaches police station for security.  The police officer makes a joke on him fearing even being a “hero” and he says he is minority, a minority in Bollywood as Khans are the majority. I thought it was injustice on Akshay. Even being a deserving one he is not getting things because the bollywood is controlled from Dubai. But I underestimated him, Akshay is like Man Singh, the same Man Singh who used to worship Lord Shiva for 3 hours in morning and then embarked into Akbar’s mission to destroy temples.

Now Akshay has come up with a film “Oh My God” in which he plays the role of Lord Krishna. In this film all types of corruption among the Hindu seers and saints have been shown. There is logic that there are some Hindu saints and seers who are corrupt. True. I agree. So blaming them is not blaming Hinduism. Agree too. But in the film all the Hindu saints are said to be wrong and nasty. Of course we hate those saints and we oppose them. At Asansol News we always have been criticizing those doing nasty business on the name of Hinduism. We have been coursed by the intoxicated Hindu devotees who bark their devotion in loudspeaker but hardly shed a drop of tear for the Hindus killed in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Kashmir. But we don’t retreat to expose the real face of the people maligning Hinduism. Some nasty Hindu saints may have been corrupt only but no mass scale damage of society has been caused by them or by their influence. No aircraft was collided with skyscraper influenced by them as in 9/11; no mass level target killing of non-Hindus have happened as in witch hunt in early Christian era in Europe. The Hindu saints even keep mum to save the chastity of the name they do business on.

In this film the Muslims and Christians are not untouched. They are shown but not their dark-deeds. This passes a message that only Hindus are wrong. But it has been taken care with that all religion’s equality must be presented despite laminating differences. Shreemad Bhagwat Geeta and Bible have been equalized but I challenge, Bible can no way match Geeta. Read Bible and you will find hate speeches with the first line. This is the lesson of the film. This “great and humanitarian and pluralist” film though didn’t show any insult to Muslim or Christian faiths but has insulted Hinduism in all occasions from lodging case against God to spit on worship equipments. If all religions are equal; why no such equality from their side on insulting others?

Everyone knows who rules the Bollywood. This is the time when a film on Islam has been banned in India which doesn’t bash Islam uselessly but has shown the real face of it. And this is the time when commercially the Hinduism is being insulted.

I pity at Akshay Kumar and now I understand why he is being insulted in Bollywood! A man who can’t respect himself, his culture, his identity; none respects him. Remember Akshay, you are the one who promoted your film Jumbo with a song “My nation my culture my history”. But hypocrites love to forget on daily basis, its not your individual fault.

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