Series of extra-judicial murders of JSQM members before Muharram

Published on 4 Nov 2014 on category Terrorism Updates for zone Pakistan

During Moharam Jeay Sindh Qaumi Mahaz (JSQM) activists Wahid Lashari and Raja Bhatti have been abducted allegedly by Pakistan Rangers and ISI in Sindh. 4 JSQM activists have been abducted in one month

Family of missing JSQM activist Wahid Lashari demanding his recovery. Family of missing JSQM activist Wahid Lashari demanding his recovery.

November 4, 2014; Karachi, Pakistan: While the Jeay Sindh Qaumi Mahaz (JSQM) was preparing for a Muharram rally to mourn the death of Hassan and Hussein in Karbala several centuries ago, they have got another reason to mourn as some of their key operatives have been abducted and subsequently eliminated. Before this Muharram, a lot of extra-judicial killings have shaken the skeleton of JSQM, one of the premier separatist organizations in Sindh. JSQM members are liberal Muslims who don’t follow the distinction between Shia and Sunni Muslims and in the midst of the Shia-Sunni violence every year they allow a peaceful Muharram as a remarkable amount of membership comes from the Shia community. However this year they have one more reason to mourn apart from death of Hassan and Hussein.

Two top JSQM operatives named Wahid Lashari and Raja Bhatti have been found missing from different places. Initially the family members thought that they have gone for some work without notifying anyone but an alarming delay in their expected return that never happened till date, gave them a hint of omen. The family members have lodged FIR in police stations though they are claiming that behind their abduction there is a hand of state actors or their mercenaries. JSQM local units are vocal that ISI has abducted these members. Just around a week before Muharram, 4 operatives of JSQM has been arrested by the Pakistan Rangers, the paramilitary force of Pakistani which secures the border with India. PR has been given a free hand to ‘curb’ terrorism and using these special powers these PR men pick up the Sindhi youth at will and their return happens wrapped in coffin. One more member of JSQM is said to have been picked up by the ISI as the JSQM members allege. Some pro-Pakistan mercenaries, who are religious and fanatic in nature, are constantly active against these self-proclaimed secular Sindhi organizations.

These state sponsored mercenaries know no limit and not just some low level operatives but even top class leaders of JSQM have been eliminated by them. JSQM founder and ex-chairman Bashir Quraishi too was eliminated by a group of assassins led by one Mustafa Zahid Baloch who later came out to be a captain in the Pakistan Army and an ISI official. Official ISI and Army access cards were recovered from the deadbody of Mustafa as he was killed in retaliatory firing by JSQM bodyguards.  Just a month before this Muharram the senior vice chairman of JSQM Dr. Niaz Kalani's brother Mithal Kalani had been killed by unknown attackers, ISI agents as alleged by the JSQM.

The recent shocker of abduction of Wahid Lashari has raged protest by JSQM Larkana unit. Wahid Lashari was carrying his wife to a hospital in Larkana’s Waraah subdivision. Midway he was attacked and was dragged into disappearance. He is the lone brother of 5 sisters who are now totally helpless. His sick wife and helpless mother and sisters now live in constant fear of any unfortunate happenings to the son of their house. Through the protest rallies in Larkana they are constantly raising their voice towards the state urging a safe return of Wahid. But will he return, or have the same fate that is usual to the JSQM operatives- none can say with surety.

Sindh is becoming second Balochistan with flooding number of abductions and extra-judicial eliminations but the human rights players have kept mum over this. Such dreaded events don’t inspire the director of fictional movie ‘Haider’ to create one about Balochistan or Sindh despite his readymade advantage of a prewritten plot- just get the newspaper stories, no investment of time to imagine plots.


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Aamna Shahwani
Late Aamna Shahwani was a Baloch columnist in premier Afghan daily 'Afghanistan Times'. She used to write columns on strategic affairs, culture and religion and current affairs.
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