Srinagar DySP Ayub Pandit lynched being mistaken as a Hindu Spy

Published on 23 Jun 2017 on category Crime for zone Jammu & Kashmir

Srinagar Deputy SP Mohammed Ayub Pandit was lynched to death while he was in security of Mirwaiz Umar Farooq outside Jamia Masjid in downtown Srinagar. He was mistaken as a Hindu due to a rumor.

Mohammed Ayub Pandit was lynched to death mistaken as a Hindu for his nameplate MA Pandit Mohammed Ayub Pandit was lynched to death mistaken as a Hindu for his nameplate MA Pandit

A Deputy Superintendent of Police (DySP) was lynched by an irate mob on the night of 23rd June due to mistaken identity. His ancestral surname betrayed him to a brutal death that started with thrashing and stripping and ended in a stoning.

DySP Mohammed Ayub Pandit served in the security wing of the Jammu & Kashmir Police and he was posted in the security team of separatist leader Mirwaiz Umar Farooq. DySP Pandit at the time of this incident was outside Jamia Masjid in downtown Srinagar to celebrate Shab-e-Qadr (Night of Power) which includes night long prayers.

The Muslims throughout Kashmir celebrate this festival and gather inside the mosques. There is a usual security concern in this period every year as major protests and terrorist attacks are planned inside the mosques. The security agencies are on high alert to tackle the situation.

DySP MA Pandit and 2 of his guards were outside the mosque as Mirwaiz was inside. DySP Pandit was seen clicking photographs of the night decorations of the mosque. According to eyewitnesses a local noticed his nameplate MA Pandit and went inside the mosque to swirl a rumor that a “Hindu Kashmiri Pandit Agent” is spying on the mosque.

Soon an irate mob advanced towards them, the bodyguards fled seeing the size of the mob. MA Pandit too fired some rounds in the air to disperse the crowd, as reported. But the adamant mob caught him- thrashed brutally and stripped him off his clothes. He was stoned to death and his body was lynched, dragged up to 300 meters around the mosque.

Later it was brought to light that MA Pandit was Mohammed Ayub Pandit, a Muslim himself. There are many terrorists with the surname Pandit- for example, 2 of Burhan Wani’s associates were Pandits- Adil Pandit and Shoaib Pandit. Most of the Kashmiris are yet to abandon their erstwhile Hindu surnames even after their forcible conversion to Islam. Every Kashmiri surname- Raina, Mattoo, Ganjhoo, Kak, Bindroo, Gundroo, Wali, Pandit, Bhat, Koul etc belong to both Hindu and Muslim Kashmiris.

Pandit’s daughter is a medical student in Dhaka, Bangladesh. She immediately rushed for Srinagar hearing the news. Pandit belonged to Khanyar area adjacent to Nowhatta where he was killed. The police are investigating the matter and arrested 2 miscreants involved while 1 among the identified is on run.

DGP SP Vaid vented out anger on this lynching- “He was lynched by the same people he was protecting. He died in the line of duty and it is both brave and unfortunate.”

“Henchmen of a few people derive sadistic pleasure by lynching and killing people just to appease their bosses sitting across the Line of Control (LoC),” state BJP spokesman Khalid Jehangir said. Jehangir said, “The government should reconsider its decision of providing security to (Hurriyat Conference chairman) Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, whom the Deputy SP was guarding. They should withdraw the security.”

The spokesman expressed solidarity with the Deputy SP’s family and prayed for peace to the departed soul. CM Mehbooba Mufti also expressed grief, “There can be nothing more shaming and unfortunate than this,” she said.

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