Stinking Romance During Ramadan

Published on 24 Jul 2014 on category Confession Files for zone Kashmir

A Muslim woman confesses her awful experience of sex during Ramadan where she faces bad breath of her husband during kiss but she can't resist and if she does so, she is beaten brutally.

Representational Image only. The confessor requested privacy for her images. Representational Image only. The confessor requested privacy for her images.

Muneera Syeed, female, married, 23, Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir, India: This Ramadan is the festival of utmost cheer in our religion, the most pious month. The entire month of Ramadan is celebrated as a month of sacrifice. We sacrifice our lust and greed for delicious food during the day and then enjoy the same only before and after the dawn and evening. A lot of sacrifices of cows are made.

I am a very faithful Muslimah and I keep all my Roza’s but I have come through a tremendous change this Ramadan- my first Ramadan after marriage and then I have come across the evils of this fasting in married life. I am calling it a Stinking-Romance.

Just after the completion of my engineering course from a Noida (Delhi-NCR) based engineering college, I was got married by my family as they didn’t permit me anymore in my interfaith affair with a classmate in my college. Neither was I eager to go into a different religion, I loved and love my religion most. I would marry a man from my faith anyway, but it was just fun off the time.

In my pre-marriage Rozas we always had delicious food before the fasting could start. And when we had fasts, we never ate a single thing. However, I had seen that during Roza my friends used to talk to me from a distance, I never knew the reasons but now I guess I know.

Now that I am married to a man from my own faith and a very faithful indeed, we both keep Roza. We had a good amount of healthy sex, however, I have noticed a remarkable drawback in my bedroom activities with my husband and that with my college-mate. He had a fresh breath but my husband, a staunch non-vegan like me, have little bad breath because of our food habit. However, that was tolerable.

Now during Ramadan only Allah knows, what went astray and he went wild and started demanding sex with me and since as a faithful its Muslimah it’s my duty to unconditionally submit to the demand of my husband, I have to submit myself. That’s what the problem with me. This romance stinks. I tried to get rid of this stink and I put a condition that No-Kiss, but then he started doing it more and killing me. I feel like being kissed by a toilet pan.

During Ramadan the stink of digested and undigested beef and a half day of fasting stink adds and makes his breath stink like a toilet. I am forced at the bed and have no option but it seems like I am breathing in some arrangement that has been made with the worst elements collected from dustbin, toilet, drain and potholes. I have tried to deny sex a few times and I was brutally beaten. I feel like in hell, what should I do, I can’t take this stinking romance anymore. Please suggest me my ways.

Admin Suggestion: Muneera, I can see that you have reached almost end of the struggle during Ramadan, little push more and you will get a temporary rid. I appreciate your genuine try to get tricky with him by putting a condition of No-Kiss but you should have remembered that he is a faithful and as a woman you are not entitled to put a condition to him, isn’t it? That way it became even worse. So I suggest you that you should pray for an easy end of the stinking romance and before the next season of stinking romance you get him lectured by a Maulana sahib or a Mullah that he should also abstain from sex during Ramadan, that’s the only way to tackle the faithful however no guarantee can be given whether he will listen it or not. This suggestion is given keeping in mind your inclination to faith. In other cases our suggestion would have been, kick at the stinking mouth of the demon husband who wants unconditional submission. Rest upto you, you are a grown up girl.

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