Highly confidential sources transmitted that TMC trying to ‘defect’ BJP Asansol ?

Published on 17 May 2014 on category Politics for zone Bengal

Highly confidential sources inside TMC and BJP have transmitted some information that there is a huge chunk of alleged defectors trying to penetrate BJP Asansol.

Malay Ghatak is the Law Minister of West Bengal Malay Ghatak is the Law Minister of West Bengal

May 17, 2014; Asansol: Subrata Mukherjee had just sent the fax to Malay Ghatak, former Law Minister of West Bengal demanding his resignation after ‘not doing enough’ to ensure the electoral victory of Dola Sen, the TMC candidate of Asansol, despite heavy rigging and tireless campaign efforts on part of Malay Ghatak. Still, he was charged with ‘anti-party’ activities and was to be fired out of ministry and he was. Followed by him, his brother AbhijitGhatak also resigned from his post. But is this just a simple frustrating revenge by Mamata Banerjee or some deep strategy to defect BJP and nip it in bud? 

BJP might have won only two seats, but BJP showed a remarkable performance from zero and got a lucrative and upward vote share. The Darjeeling seat of BJP was obvious because of the Gorkhas but the Asansol BJP among others was not as much sure keeping in light of the rigging that happened. And the performance BJP has shown here might be recursive in the upcoming councillor elections and 2016 provincial elections in West Bengal. Therefore there is an urgent need of strategies for TMC to nip the BJP in bud.

Highly confidential sources inside TMC and BJP have transmitted some information about latest events and happenings that suggest that there is a huge chunk of alleged defectors trying to penetrate BJP Asansol. According to sources Malay Ghatak and AbhijitGhatak might try joining BJP, however, their close aides are already seeking opportunity in BJP. This Malay Ghatak is the same man under whose regime as law minister the Police shot dead the Hindu supporters of BJP, put false charges on them and sent them behind the bar, paved the way of Islamic gangsters like Sohrab and Imtiyaj, prioritized his serving to Hajis above state duty and now if this man or his men try to enter BJP, the BJP can’t do anything better other than accepting them, to commit suicide.

According to sources, the charge sheeted criminals in the famous Triple-Murder case of Ram Lakhan Yadav in Court More, Asansol; are trying their channels to meet the BJP leadership. Malay Ghatak has the good relationship with the main suspect Dhananjay Singh and other suspects like Pappu and Situ Singh. In the charge sheet presented by the police DK Singh was the main suspect and according to the statement of ASI Asif Ali Mollah, he was said to have admitted his crime. Many other witnesses and close aides of the murdered persons have also delivered statements against Pappu and Situ Singh. Covert Wires team has accessed the copies of charge sheet and other documents from the court and some exclusive pictures of TMC leader Malay Ghatak and Pappu, Situ and DK showing up their close relations, through its own secret channels. These people are wanted criminals and in the Hirapur Police Station among others, a lot of criminal cases are pending on them. They are mainly into land-mafia right now. So they are trying to set up channels with BJP via a BJP operative who deals in land purchase and sale. Another opportunist man named RatanChoubeyMohanta of Newtown area is also trying to get into BJP with some 100 boys. This RatanChoubeyMohanta is a veteran local CPM supporter who has very strong relation with Malay Ghatak as well and is a hidden TMC supporter. However, in the CPM regime, he rigged a lot for CPM. This kind of people has always abused anyone supporting BJP and mentally tortured them.

Now such men are trying to infiltrate BJP. The BJP’s land dealer operative might make their way into BJP and Babul Supriyo and Modi has no local knowledge and they have to depend on the local operatives to decide the do’s and don’ts and so it’s easy for these agents of malice to get into BJP. And that would harm BJP like never before. Firstly, it will be spread that BJP has accepted and embraced the criminal elements since its advent in Bengal and it would repel the mass support BJP gained in Bengal. Secondly, the newcomers will be used as spies by TMC. Thirdly, a lot of them will switch their ideology again and that why they are here for. They will cultivate their own group inside BJP and they will take away that group and cripple BJP from inside. Fourthly, the existence of criminal elements inside BJP would harm its image both at local and national level.

There are a lot of opportunists inside BJP at the local level who don’t have problems to harm their own party if they are personally benefitted and they will not filter the newcomers, but if none else, Babul Supriyo must check it out. If he makes no exception in entertaining the criminal elements, he is no different. So it’s urgent duty of Babul to check who are coming and judge their past and future before allowing them. BJP is a party whose supporters and workers can change party decision for party’s good, so if Babul is unable to sort it out, he must consult the people who know these people closely. Don’t allow the foes to take the mask of friends.

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Sakshi Bhardwaj
Sakshi Bhardwaj is JNU alumna and writes analytical and substantial commentaries and reports on topics ranging from Geopolitics to Social and Political issues. She has also written for various magazines and attended international seminars on National Security and Internal Conflicts.
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