The Islamization of Karnataka Police and silence of vigilant media

Published on 22 Sep 2014 on category Politics for zone Rest of India

Mohammed Ishaq of Islamic Street Dawah has been attempting Islamic conversion in police stations in Karnataka but media is silent. The loudmouth media however silent in this case.

Mohammed Ishaq running Islamic conversion program in Uttarpet Police Station in Karnataka Mohammed Ishaq running Islamic conversion program in Uttarpet Police Station in Karnataka

A couple of days back some reports in Times Group papers in particular and other media units, in general, surprised me. The case was related to an abducted woman who was rescued by police and ‘reverted’ within the police station campus. A UP woman was abducted by a Muslim man named Ali from Varanasi and then she was forcibly converted. The family got the information of abduction (and lot an elopement) when the ransom call was made by Ali, that helped finally tracing him. The lady was later put vermillion on her forehead and she was ‘reverted’ in the police station premises itself. Who knows what frustrated these media which cried that secularism is endangered not because of the deeds of people like Ali but because of these policemen who “couldn’t resist” the husband put vermillion on her forehead. The media forced the suspension of these police personnel. However other than these individual cases, there is organized religious conversion of the entire police system by Islamists, which is strategically being ignored by the media.

After the victory of the Congress in Karnataka, the residents and opposition feared a wave of Islamization which the media called a Hindutva Paranoia which seems true after observing the series of unconstitutional incidents. The center of Islamic activities and hub of Islamic terrorism in Karnataka, a city known as Mangalore has become the centrifugal point of the Islamic fanaticism that is polluting the society, system, and administration in general and the police force in particular. A highly organized Islamic outfit is trying to convert the police forces into Islam to boost their anti-national projects.

Mohammed Ishaq, a self-acclaimed Hindu converted to Islam has been in the central point of these activities. Exploiting the broadminded mentality of the Hindus, he is not only infiltrating the Hindu organizations but also leading a conversion program for the police forces. Mohammed Ishaq who also calls himself as Neat Girish has been the captain of the “Street Dawah” program’s Mangalore chapter a few months back. “Street Dawah” was actually a Quran distribution program that gifted or sold Quran to the pedestrians or the dwellers of the city of Mangalore.

Mohammed Ishaq and his masterminds have approached hundreds of police stations in Karnataka and polluted the minds of the policemen by installing Islamist ideology into them. Mohammed Ishaq is a damn apologist and ideologically sugarcoated supporter of Islamic terrorist outfits like ISIS or Al-Qaeda and always try to project their “charitable” sides through social media or offline.

In the pictures provided in this post, the readers can see him freely distribute Quran and Hadith inside the Uttarpet Police Station in Bangalore and other police station. Now, where is the media which bashes Sri Ram Sene for their extremist activities? They at least don’t try to Hinduize the police. Where is the media with their “Roti-cries”, now your secularism is not endangered? Or secularism is just another name of Islamic fanaticism? Who will demand the resignation, suspension and strong investigation into the matter?

All the police officers who are remotely connected with such conversion activities of the police forces, deserve the immediate sack. It seems the Islamist forces in the Deccan are back again with their agenda of Islamizing the Hindus and create another Pakistan or Islamic nations separated from India, as was the agenda of several Islamic outfits including Majlis-Ittehadul-Muslimeen. The Hindu organizations like Hindu Janajagruti Samiti has long claimed that they are arrested due false charges framed by “Islamic Police” but the media despite knowing everything ridicules them and brainwash the public. This is alarming. The Karnataka Government must come clean on this or rather stop political barking on “secularism”. This is a matter of national security, if not secularism.

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Titu Shadowson
Titu Shadowson has written investigative articles in premier Afghan daily Afghanistan Times on topics like military and geopolitics. He has has been republished by numerous digital and print media.
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