The complaint letter against Sukhraj Nijjer nephew of Congressi MP Gurjeet Singh Aujla

Published on 27 Jul 2017 on category Gender Conflict for zone Punjab

The complaint letter submitted to Delhi Police by the victim against Sukhraj Nijjer

Gurjeet Singh Aujla, MP from Amritsar is the culprit's uncle Gurjeet Singh Aujla, MP from Amritsar is the culprit's uncle

Raw copy as as submitted by the victim-

Respected Sir/Ma’am,

With due respect and extreme anxiety, I would like to reiterate that I have been getting rape threats, communal abuses and sexually explicit messages from Sikh fanatics and Khalistani terrorism sympathisers.

I have been on the target of the Islamic and Sikh separatists after I countered the separatist gang in JNU in the 9th February 2016 incident. Since then I have been subjected to their abuse and threats and have to pay the price for my patriotism. And despite repeated complaint the Indian police system chose to stay inactive while under-teen kids are jailed for unintentional online comments.

In the current incident, I have been again subjected to severe online sexual harassment by Sikh fanatics with Khalistani inclination. On 14th July at 20:29 hours I went on to do a live video on Facebook and it was about informing people that I will post a video on media disinformation on Amarnath Yatra attack. In that 54-second live video, I spoke only for 18 seconds and I had not uttered a single word anything against anyone.

But on 17th July 05:15 hours a person with a Facebook profile named ਰਾਮ ਰਹਿਮ ਦਾ ਜਵਾਈ ( had shared the live video with sexually explicit captions against me and a totally false allegation- “Ik aaha hindua di gasti di boht panni saad rahi A sikha nu te mushlmana nu galt bol rahi A”. I felt traumatized especially because in the video, I hardly spoke for 18 sec about me uploading video on media swapping news, soon. This added to the lewd comments attached with it. I took the video down to “friends only”.

I started receiving messages soon after he shared my video. The content of all messages converge to similar language, which is utterly misogynic and derogatory to any woman. The first message I received was from the same person who had shared the video. On further searching their activity on my posts, I found that a person named Jatt Chhina had made derogatory remarks on my feminine aspect on my profile pictures. The pictures bear no enmity or hatred or even traces of provocation. In one of my pictures where I am sitting under a tree, and Jatt Chhina has mentioned several people saying, “Khoob rail banao iski”. In another photo, he has mentioned the same set of people stating to use my photos as much as they can along with other derogatory remarks favorite to his group. I reinstate that this is a strong and deep nexus of Sikh Terrorist organization (Sikh Terrorist is a term used by Lt. IPS KPS Gill in SATP documentation) which are working closely to ruin my career, life and my prestige.

Sukhraj Nijjer then started messaging me sexually explicit contents and started commenting and mentioning two people in each post regardless of the relevance of the post. Without any provocation from my side, he kept on sharing my photos and the other two profiles also started messaging me. The content of all three of them was same, one profile had username as and the other continued the chat from the point I blocked the messaging of Sukhraj Nijjer, which means that all of them are Sukhraj Nijjer’s accounts, the first one being his formal account and the other two accounts he use for morphing Hindu women’s photographs. The profiles have deeply hurt my religious sentiments by abusing my Gods and by vulgar representation of my Gods. He has also made posts in Punjabi script for me and Maa Parvati, Maa Sita, Maa Durga and Draupadi. Alongwith it, he has also used derogatory remarks for Mahadev Shiv ji and me. “Hindu Gasti Hindu Randi” are the most used words, which show their enmity towards my religion and therefore they found it justified to harass me. Sukhraj Nijjer has accepted in messages that those two are his accounts.

The very next day, I started receiving calls. They were from private number +50470576 from July 19, 2017 08:03PM to July 19, 2017 08:25PM in 6 calls. The content of messages by Sukhraj Nijjer and his other two accounts and those of the calls were completely same and he accepted that he is Sukhraj Nijjer. In the calls, he was boasting assassination of the former PM Indira Gandhiji and repeatedly kept saying “Main wohi hoon jisne tumhari maa ko choda tha, tumhari maa, Indira Gandhi ko mara tha”, also, he kept abusing me, my mther and Maa Parvati and Mahadev. He has also accepted in writing that he has killed 4 lakh Hindus in Punjab, which means like pre-1984 Punjab, he will slaughter more. When I could not digest those ugly Punjabi slurs, only indigenous to his culture, I handed over the phone to my friend, to whom he told in a mechanical fashion “teri maa di fuddi teri behn di fuddi, teri votti ki gaand marega, chut marega, fuddi marega.”

After this the network has been active against me and they have been repeatedly messaging me and I receive threat messages on daily basis. They have messaged me and I am exhausted keeping the records. So I have only uploaded the records of the main culprit. Rest others I can submit if you ask me to. The kingpin of this Sikh Misogynist and Sikh Terrorist gang is Sukhraj Nijjer who is the nephew of Gurjeet Singh Aujla, Member of Parliament from Amristar, of Indian National Congress.

Now to sum up:

  1. I have received sexually explicit messages and offers repeatedly by a group of Sikh misogynist and Sikh Terrorists whose leader is headed by Aukhraj Nijjer, the nephew of Gurjeet Singh Aujla, MP Amristar with Indian National Congress.
  2. They have harmed me dignity by asking me my price on return of sex. He has also offered to gift me one plot pricing 1 crore in return of sex with him.
  3. He threatened to abduct the womenfolk of my family and put them into sex slavery in a private brothel set up in the same plot.
  4. He boasted that he has his people in Delhi and knows every nook and corner of Delhi and can find me and brutally rape and kill me.
  5. He has spread my photographs to all the Sikh Terrorist empathizer groups and asked to find me and rape and kill me. After that as a precautionary measure I have deleted all my photos and I appear in mask only. This is a serious threat to my career because I cannot wear mask all the time. This reminds me of Mughal Sultanate in a free country.
  6. Various Sikh Misogynists from various location of this country ranging from Punjab to Maharashtra called me and threatened me over phone.
  7. Various Khalistan Sympathisers round the globe started messaging me over facebook with violent and misogynist contents.
  8. One of the person who threatened over phone even forged his identity as a Maharashtra Police IT Cell (Cyber Cell) officer. He expressed his identity as some Paramjeet Singh. His number is 8968264196.
  9. Later, I got blank calls from a number 8454853862. When calling them back (thinking it must be some friend who tried my number after seeing on facebook all that is happening), I called back. I got a message in return, “Just a moment, I’ll be right there.” I replied, “Right where? And who are you?” I called again several times. Yet he cut the call each time. This was an attempt to terrorize me and to make me paranoid each time I step-out of my room.
  10. He is repeatedly boasting of having murdered the former PM (Lt.) Mrs. Indira Gandhi by saying, “hum wohi hain jisne tumhari Maa Chod di thi, Hinduon tumhari Maa Indira Gandhi ko mara tha main wohi hoon”.
  11. He has a gang which constantly keeps posting statements and posts against Hindu Religious Scriptures and Devi-Devta which is primary obstacle against communal harmony and which can ignite communal riots.
  12. There are many fake profiles running in my name and facial identity.
  13. There have been numerous attacks on my profile. The most recent “phishing attack” on facebook account, facebook disabled my profile.


Let us come to the kingpin of this Sikh Terrorist Sikh Misogynist gang.

Sukhraj Nijjer-

  • Facebook url- (mine is – with which the conversation has been recorded)
  • His other profiles used by him to abuse me and my religion-
  • Worked at Glaze Trading India Pvt. Ltd. : Upon contacting them, they inquired about him and told me that he is not their employee, but may be a distributor. They assured me full co-operation.
  • This is not a fake profile, it is a genuine profile and bears comments and photo tags with prominent Politicians like Gurjeet Singh Aujla and his brother Sukhjinder Singh Aujla, from Indian National Congress, who accredit his existence.
  • He is the relative of Gurjeet Singh Aujla and son of Iqbal Singh. He is in the family of Gurjeet Singh Aujla.  This can be proven by the documents attached.
  • He is a graduate of Satyam Institute of Engineering and Technology, Amristar of batch 2014 according to his profile. Upon contacting the college of his details and after explaining the matter to them, they denied sharing any information.
  • All the gang can be tracked just by tracking Sukhraj. All the gang can be nabbed by this one person.
  • The entire gang works in an alliance with Kashmiri Separatists.

When I threatened to register a complaint against h

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