The terrorist whom propagandists label as humanist has been paid Rich Tribute by Hizb-ul-Mujahideen

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As terrorist Mohammed Sofi was encountered, propagandists started labeling him as innocent, however the falsehood was blown when Hizb-ul-Mujahideen officially paid rich tribute to him.

While propagandists are labelling the slain terrorists as innocent, Hizb-ul-Mujahideen paid rich tri While propagandists are labelling the slain terrorists as innocent, Hizb-ul-Mujahideen paid rich tri

This is how the propaganda of the fake encounter grows. The entire Kashmir is now burning against the security forces with an allegation that the terrorist killed in Palhallan was no terrorist and he was just an innocent shepherd who went shepherding to the hills and never returned as the security agencies first abducted him and then eliminated him. Yes, this is the blame that is fueling the present assault against the security forces and the minority Hindus in the region and an anti-India sentiment in the province. The entire week is burning with this fuel of propaganda that is added with the tribute to another ‘innocent’ Mohammed Afzal Guru who has been hanged. After the release of excerpts from his diary now the CD has been released with the title, ‘A Tribute To Shaheed Afzal Guru: Haqiqat-e-Kashmir’ and is being circulated to fuel the anti-Indian sentiment. The entire Kashmiri breeze is carrying the propaganda of atrocities against ‘innocent’ Kashmiris who are killed by the security agencies. The Kashmiri separatist media like Greater Kashmir, Only Kashmir, Rising Kashmir etc are propagating and fueling such false news in their coverage. The terrorists are being labelled as innocent and Indian soldiers as kidnappers and death squads. The various political leaders and human rights activists are writing to the human rights organisations against the “fake encounter” carried out by the Indian soldiers. But is that encounter really fake? Or were they really terrorists? Let’s hear the version of the terrorists’ kins.

The “Greater Kashmir” quotes Sofi’s uncle saying, Let Police prove that our son was a militant. If it is proved that he was a militant, we are ready to face any eventuality. He was killed in a fake encounter. He along with cattle had moved towards upper reaches 5-days ago. On Tuesday he was branded as a militant and killed in a staged encounter,” 
 For God's sake please tell me how Bilal became a militant in just 5 days? On Friday he offered congregational prayers in the local Masjid and left for Tangmarg area with the cattle. Let the agencies prove that he was missing from the area. He has been arrested and then killed in a fake encounter.” His neighbours were quoted by Greater Kashmir as saying, “There was not a single bullet wound on his body, However, his legs were almost broken and jaw was broken, indicating he was tortured and killed before the encounter.”

Though there is no need to counter the lies of this uncle of a terrorist, but for sake of argument let’s expose the reality. Only because he stayed in his locality and not in a camp doesn’t mean he wasn’t a terrorist, it means he was a sleeper agent. His attendance in the local mosque being used to prove him as innocent is most ironical and hilarious. Missing for 5 days doesn’t mean a kidnap, it also means that he was planning some attack or went into hiding. And as far as bullets injury was concerned, he was killed by bullets and the injury in his legs doesn’t mean he was tortured, it also means that he was desperate to survive till last to the Indian brave-hearts.

While the Kashmiri separatist leaders, politicians, rants and rented so called intellectuals and human right shopkeepers were trying to frame him as innocent, the master of the slain terrorist made a big mistake unknowingly. The very next day of the encounter, Syed Salahuddin, the supreme commander of Hizb-ul-Mujahideen, which is the parent organisation of the slain terrorists, paid rich tribute to these terrorists in their official mouthpiece named Hizb-Media. Here is a copy of his statement published in Hizb-Media: “September 18:

Syed Salahuddin pays rich tributes to the martyrs of Pattan Aaqib Rashid Sofi and Bilal Ahmed Bhatt.

United Jihad Council chairman and Hizb supreme commander Syed Salahuddin pays rich tributes to the martyrs of Pattan Aaqib Rashid Sofi and Bilal Ahmed Bhatt, who laid down their lives for Islam and Freedom. Chairing a special meeting of Hizb Command Council, Syed Salah Ud Din said that they bravely fought with Indian forces and embraced Shahadat. He said that martyrdom of these freedom fighters amply the fact that every Mujahid of Hizb is committed to Kashmir cause and is ready to sacrifice their precious lives to achieve this noble cause. Urging the Hurriyat leaders to honour the blood of martyrs by showing unity against Indian oppression, He said we hope the day is not far off when occupying forces will have to leave from Jammu & Kashmir. (Can be accessed at:

While propagandists are labelling the slain terrorists as innocent, Hizb-ul-Mujahideen paid rich tribute to their operatives in their official mouthpiece.

We have saved a copy of this statement in order to prevent any more propaganda against the Indian brave-hearts. It is to be kept in mind that the Kashmiri separatists always label the encounters as fake and it becomes a great tool of propaganda against India at an international forum. This kind of fake stories gives the propagandists blame India with amateurish charges. All of the encounters by the Indian military brave-hearts that are labelled by so called intellectuals and human rights organisations at the international forums are real but they are distorted. Due to lack on Indian ability in the sub-conventional war based on information war, Indians couldn’t counter this propaganda war against India. The story goes like this, first an encounter happens and as usual, the terrorist organisations own their operatives and pay rich tribute as par their norms but whenever their Disinformation Protocol (DIP) agents carry out propaganda against India, those statements are removed. This is what happened with Ishrat Jahan case. Ishrat Jahan was on her way with her group of Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorists on a mission to eliminate LK Advani and Narendra Modi and they were eliminated by Gujarat ATS under an IB alert but the Islamic propagandists are saying that she was a victim of a conspiracy and was an innocent girl. Later it was found that when the Lashkar top brass was unable to realise that Ishrat will become an icon and will be a pillar of a strong anti-Indian campaign, they owned Ishrat and paid tribute to her in their publication “Ghazwa Times” published from Lahore. She was ordained as a Lashkar martyr. Lashkar has a stock of 800 such elite female terrorists under their group “Shaheen” and Ishrat was one of them. But as soon as she became a campaign-icon, LeT tried to cover up their statement but then the cat was out of the bucket and the piece was available with the Indian agencies and it is shown as a proof of her being a Lashkar terrorist. Despite the acceptance by Lashkar people are not ready to accept her as a terrorist, such is the magnitude of the brainwash of the Indian mass by the Islamists. Even as some people accept her as a terrorist, they ask why she was killed before any crime, as if Indian agencies should have let her kill Modi and then arrest her to feed her chicken biryani in the jail-cum-hotels for the Islamists. The propaganda magnitude is so strong that the IB report is blamed to be written with an ulterior motive.

Yes, Gujarat Police may be communal to label her as a terrorist; IB might have a stock of thriller novelists but what talent these terrorist propagandists have got? They were only paying rich tribute to their ‘martyrs’ and nothing else. After all, they never knew that their statement would act as proof of these martyrs being terrorists and the humanists’ propaganda labelling a satanic terrorist as an innocent humanist will be totally sabotaged by their own foolishness and formality. Before Bilal Ahmed Sofi becomes another Ishrat Jahan and our India is again subjected to the implication of crimes it can’t even think of doing, we need to expose how the stories of fake encounter grow and how these propagandist Kashmiri separatists develop these stories and malign India at the international forum.

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Titu Shadowson
Titu Shadowson has written investigative articles in premier Afghan daily Afghanistan Times on topics like military and geopolitics. He has has been republished by numerous digital and print media.
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