Tilak questioned, knives allowed in PIB exam in Jaipur Military Station

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The Hindu candidates of TA in Jaipur Military Station were questioned for their Tilak but Sikh candidates were allowed with knives inside the campus. Indian Army's secularism under question. Irony!

A Sikh candidate standing in the queue inside Jaipur Military Station, with his blazing knife. A Sikh candidate standing in the queue inside Jaipur Military Station, with his blazing knife.

Jaipur Military Station saw a stark irony of secularism and security policies in the PIB exam 2017 for Territorial Army where Tilak was considered a threat but no one batted an eye on armed candidates carrying knives around their waist.

The Territorial Army is an excellent mixture of patriotic civilians who want to serve in the army while continuing their primary occupation. Every year Jaipur Military Station witnesses the largest sum of candidates appearing for TA. However, this year the TA saw a rhetoric of secularism both in question papers and in the security check at entry post.

The candidates reaching through various modes were stopped at the main gate of the premise. They were then checked for their identity proofs and other articles they were carrying, just like any security check before the exam.

“I had a comb inside my pocket, which felt like a long object. I was asked to take it out and all other things I was carrying which are not needed. I was then allowed to pass,” a candidate informed Covert Wires, “That was the first time I have tasted Combing Operation,” he continued.

However, the security officials did not come out to be as competent as they pretended. Afterall, many candidates with knives hanging around their waist were found standing in a queue being observed by the Military Police therein. They were allowed to pass with objects potential enough to carry out crimes like assassination on any army official, assault on candidates or public, or other crimes like extortion, threatening or even rape, which is done in mass numbers at knife-point till date.

“One such guy carrying a knife around his waist was standing in front of me. I could hear him boasting fake stories about Raja Park Gurudwara. However, what pained me more is that while Ram Singh is considered as a traitor for siding by the Mughals, this Hero of theirs is still worshipped as a Hind-di-Chadar  despite siding the same tyrants at the same place at the same time and the same situation. What pained me, even more, is that no one stopped his flamboyant claims neither the TA candidates nor the Military Officers. Such is the power of Goebbels's propaganda of spreading lies as much as even God accepts it as truth,” said another TA candidate.

An army official named Mohammed Tabrez Alam reportedly stopped a candidate because he had Tilak on his forehead. The candidate slid in with an excuse that he would remove this in the bathroom, for it will smudge on his forehead if removed without water. The candidate then contacted a senior official to ask him whether his Tilak posed a threat to the security measures as laid by the ADGPI.

The official then called Mohammed Tabrez Alam and demanded an explanation for such ultra-policing, it came out that he is regular at this practice of harassing candidates with Tilak and Kalava and alike symbols from a specified community.

“Sir, I am just making him aware of the military ethics,” Tabrez said when asked for an explanation. “He is only a civilian so far and let him be so, there are a lot of areas you can preach and practice military ethics, concentrate on that,” the senior official snubbed.

While Tilak and Kalava were under the scanner of some army officials, knives are allowed in the name of special privileges to Sikhism. Many Sikh candidates carried knives inside the premises and none questioned them.

“Sikhs are exempted from a lot of military restrictions be it turban or beard or even knives, this is a policy of Indian Army and in the army we don’t question,” said a Military Police official. But why? Why are candidates from a certain community is given clean chit without checks? Is this not violation of the supposed secularist ethics of Indian Army? Silence!

Is it the dark side of secularism or the distorted but functional side of secularism where a Tabrez Alam stops candidates with Tilak or Kalava and Sikh candidates with glazing blades around their waist are boasting historical lies standing in front of Military Police? Question remains.

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