Times Now Back On Track On Pakistani Issues After Arnab Kicked Out

Published on 16 Jul 2017 on category Media Monitor for zone Pakistan

Times Now was anti-Pakistan when Arnab Goswami led it, but after Goswami's quit, Times Now softened its stand on Pakistan as Times Group is partner in Aman Ki Asha. Navika Kumar snubbed Sindhi Org.

"Don't disturb me on Sundays", said Navika Kumar when she received a call to cover the SHRO's March.

For all these years Arnab Goswami and Times Now fooled the Indian mass a lot on the issues ranging from patriotism to Pakistan. Confusion was not limited to the gullible Indian mass, especially the right wingers but also the Times Group and the allies like Jung Group of Pakistan.

Arnab Goswami was the forefront journalist who was vocal against Pakistan while most of the Indian journalists had carried a mindset that prompted the Indian citizen to give them a title ‘Presstitute’. Even Times Group itself was disappointed and confused with this scenario.

Times Group of India and Jung Group of Pakistan are media partners in respective countries for ‘Aman Ki Asha’, a pacifist project that has helped only Pakistan to carry out their propaganda and political missions in India. Times Now’s attitude towards Pakistan embarrassed Times Group but they couldn’t control Arnab Goswami. So was Arnab Goswami a true patriot? If not, why he maintained his stand going against his own company?

Well, Arnab Goswami is that businessman who supported Communism until he started earning, and after starting to earn he became one of the crony capitalists in the media industry. He means business. According to inside whispers from Times Group, Arnab had cut a unique deal with Times Group which led to the birth of Times Now. Reportedly Arnab Goswami took an 8-figure annual salary and a 2-figure percentage share in the profit of Times Now.

Arnab Goswami meant Times Now and Times Now meant Arnab Goswami. News reports published in media start ups by prominent senior journalists exposed how overconfident Arnab Goswami treated his colleagues or better-called workers like a dictator. “Stand up and look at my eyes when I talk to you,” he used to snub his fellow journalists. “You don’t know me, I can any day set up my own media house and run it,” overconfident Arnab Goswami blabbered.

Arnab Goswami knew that this day or that day he has to leave Times Now. The line between Times Now and Times Group was clearly defined. To every person who asked him why Times Now and Times of India has different views on the same aspect, he forwarded the line of distinction. For Arnab Goswami, the profit of Times Now mattered for which he had shared, even at the loss of Times Group. While Times Group cared of all its units and overall turnover. Times Group lost the patronage it had from its sponsors, due to the anti-Pakistan attitude of Times Now led by Goswami. The group was waiting for the contract to end and scrap it and kick out Arnab which they did leading to the birth of Republic TV.

But at the same time, does Arnab deserve to be the hero of gullible Indian Hindu nationalists? Well, Goswami knows the business. He knew that there is a complete vacuum in the news market for the right wingers which he fulfilled. But the losses and damages he inflicted against nationalists is incurable. When these nationalists praise Goswami’s Ishrat Files in which Arnab Goswami says Ishrat was indeed a terrorist, they forget how Times Now had maligned the Gujarat Cops who encountered Ishrat and totally destroyed their career due to media disinformation. They nationalists must remember that the same Goswami needs to be corrected on live TV debates that there is a difference between convicted and alleged- when it comes to rape allegations against Hindu icons.

Arnab Goswami ran a continuous campaign against Hindu icons even due to the slightest allegation and with his misplaced terminologies like “rapist” even as it's still an unproven allegation. The same man brings only Muslim debaters while debating on Muslim issue with a complete lack of Hindu presence but brings an equal number of Hindu, pseudo-secular and Muslim representatives on Hindu issues just to let the two anti-Hindu brigades a platform to mock Hinduism.

The next thing the right wingers can do is to praise Republic TV and Goswami in future when Sadhwi Pragya and Colonel Purohit come clean and Goswami and Republic cover the news, forgetting how these people maligned them in past. Right wingers will remain gullible.

Today the Sindhi Human Rights Organization concludes its march from Hyderabad to Karachi at Karachi Press Club. When the Delhi Convener of SHRO, Sakshi Bhardwaj called Navika Kumar of Times Now to tell Times Now about the case, she listened to everything and rudely asked, “Not to disturb her on Sundays.”

Never knew Sundays are off days for media people or propagandists. That too comes in mind only after realising its against Pakistani inhumanity. That’s when the revelation comes to us that yes, Times Now is back on track.

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Titu Shadowson
Titu Shadowson has written investigative articles in premier Afghan daily Afghanistan Times on topics like military and geopolitics. He has has been republished by numerous digital and print media.
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