Tunisian wins World Muslimah 2014 finale at Hindu Temple in Java

Published on 22 Nov 2014 on category Entertainment for zone Far East

Tunisian woman Fatima Ben wins 2014 Miss Muslimah contest which is Islamic parallel to Miss world competition. The finale held at the heart of the Hindu temple in Java saw violent slogans for Jihad.

The World Muslim Festival was held at the heartland of a famous Hindu temple in Java. The World Muslim Festival was held at the heartland of a famous Hindu temple in Java.

Java, Indonesia: A 25 years old ‘computer scientist’ from Tunisia has been crowned with the title of “World Muslimah 2014” that was organized this year in Indonesia, the house of largest Muslim population on this planet. “World Muslimah” is a competition that had been raised as a Muslim parallel to the Miss World competition held by the British. World Muslimah was first organized as a ‘peaceful protest’ by the Islamist women groups against world beauty pageant contests and established as an Islamic parallel in the line of Halal certification which is the Islamic parallel for the quality standards like ISO, TQM, Six Sigma etc. In 2013 the World Muslimah competition gained momentum after their cultivation of public anger and criticism of the bikini show of the world beauty pageants which is seen as an objectification of the women. The Muslimah is seen as an Islamic counterpart to the Feminism with their basic difference being that the Muslimah toes the lines of liberty set by the Islamic fundamentalist patriarchs. A beautiful lady whose beauty transmits only through her eyes that are left open among other body parts carefully hidden under veils with various decorations; is called a Muslimah Beauty Pageant. The only variety seen among these contestants is the variety of their veils in color and combination of the blazing attachments.

18 participants contested the 2014 World Muslimah and a Tunisian woman Fatima Ben Guefrache won the contest defeating the Indian runner-up Miss Nazneen. Fatima was awarded a gold watch, a gold dinar and a mini pilgrimage to Mecca (Makkah). Among the 18 countries participating in the contest, there were British and French beauties as well.

“Our mission is to hold before the world the Islamic ways and standards of lifestyle- how the Muslims eat, wear and live their lives,” said Jameyah Sharif, one of the organizers. The organizers of this event had called Miss World contest a “Whore Contest” because of their public display of their vital organs partially. British contestant Dina Torkia held same views and claimed that her arrival was to slap her friends who have ‘prejudice’ against Islam, she hoped it would serve as a contrast to the western beauty pageants. “We are not married to terrorists, my head scarf is not scary,” she told an AFP reporter. Surprisingly by the end of the competition, she only achieved disappointment. “I came into this competition hoping that my faith will increase but my optimism turned into disappointment,” she said.

The standards and criterions for this contest are extremely different to the conventional beauty contests. More than the beauty of the contestant, her smartness, social engineering capabilities and compatibilities and other rational aspects, she is judged by her ‘Islamic values’- how well she can recite Quranic verses, how radical are her views on Islam and comparative religions. The sole aim of the program is to present a ‘role model’ to the Muslim women aged between 18-27 years.

Though Fatima has been negatively criticized for her looks by many audiences who think that the Indian contestant Nazneen should have been the Muslimah of 2014; they finally agreed to the judgment with a tearful acknowledgment when they heard the concluding and thanking speech by Fatima. “"May almighty Allah help me in this mission, and free Palestine, please, please, free Palestine and the Syrian people," she said in a tearful acceptance speech. “Free Kashmir”, “Islamize India”, Islamize the world” slogans were also raised by the audiences and the organizers alike.

There are reports of exploitation of the event and many participants have been found trying to foul play. Many of the initial contestants of the program were failures of conventional beauty contests. Roohani Pirzai, an Afghan-American teenager who aspired for the contest told the way she tried to cheat the organizers but backed off. “My father wanted to showcase me among his friends and I also wanted to become a beauty pageant, whether western or Islamic. In my personal life I am a bad girl but I can’t be worst than those white girls contesting me in the conventional events, regardless how many boyfriends of how many races I sleep with,” Roohani said. “Yet I agreed to get to the competition but my father realized it would be a backfire if our neighbor discloses my school-time beauty contests, also I am awful at Quran recitation despite my father’s constant force and abuse,” she concluded.

That the program’s mission was really to change the world perspective on Islam was proven when Hindu and Buddhist temples were selected for the event. A lot of occasions happened in the Java heartland Borobudur Buddhist temple where the Muslimah aspirants performed ‘Namaz’ and photoshot themselves. The finale of the event was hosted at the backdrop of the famous Ninth Century Complex Hindu Temple Prambanan in the heartland of Java that has been declared as a UNESCO heritage. The organizers claim that these Sanatan Dharmic sites were deliberately chosen to transmit a message that the Muslims are accepting other religions. However, the critics rear a different view. “They didn’t organize the events near our complexes to boost religious harmony but to tease us,” said a Buddhist priest, “I have heard them teasing that it’s their victory that they have finally been able to wave the Islamic flag in Hindu and Buddhist centrifuges. It’s a victory that the American Muslim brothers couldn’t do so far, they said. They were referring to the mosque in Ground Zero which most of the Indonesian Muslims view as an establishment of Islam on the remains of Americanism,” the priest elaborated. An organization that calls the conventional beauty contest a “Whore Contest”, that members the Islamic radicals in its organization, that sponsors political and terrorist preaching in the name of a cultural contest, an organization that promotes separatism and violence and calls for global Jihad on the stage, an organization that sets the role model for the women as someone who spews venom against western culture, India and Israel; can their claims of harmony be accepted as honesty or registered as just another version and sweet method of propaganda and brainwashing? The question remains.

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