Yezidi Peshmarga liberates strategic villages in Shinjar Terrain after fierce battle with ISIS

Published on 17 Nov 2014 on category Terrorism Updates for zone Middle East

Aamna and Sakshi cover The Battle of Shinjar by Yezidi Protection Force and Kurdish YPG against ISIS. The article details the war plans and tactics of the battle by Yezidi and Kurdish Peshmarga.

Background- Yezidi Peshmarga's victorious cheer as it defeats ISIS. Left tilted- Bara village Background- Yezidi Peshmarga's victorious cheer as it defeats ISIS. Left tilted- Bara village

Sakshi Bhardwaj with inputs from Aamna Shahwani; November 17, 2014; Shinjar, Iraq: After a fierce battle at the Shinjar terrain and portions of the mountain the Yezidi Peshmarga and Syrian Kurdish force YPG finally defeated the ISIS killing a few hundreds of the ISIS terrorists. Today the last units of ISIS had to retreat after the commanders calculated disadvantageous situation. A week long all-out offensive was concluded today. After gathering of around 10,000 ISIS terrorists at the terrain last month, the Yezidis feared the final and conclusive genocide but mysteriously the ISIS backed off and there are conspiracy theories trying to explain that retreat, some sound logical but some are as weird as possible. Among the diplomatic community, there was a whisper of some powerful secretive diplomatic pressure on the governments secretly supporting ISIS. However, among the military channels, the probability was calculated to be something else. Digging of trenches, tunnels and other sorts of excuses were considered. The temporary silence of the ISIS was though extremely cunning and excellent which evidenced the presence of high-quality military veterans among ISIS. ISIS tried to follow the same tactics India played against Pakistan in Kargil war, to liberate Tiger Hill- engage and confuse the enemy on one side and launch the real offensive from the other side. The ISIS engaged the Yezidi attention via small-scale assaults show off attempts to climb the mountain. ISIS knew that alike Indo-Pak Kargil war the casualty ratio was in favor of Yezidis like Pakistan and they were trying to turn it towards ISIS like India did. There were a huge gathering and reinforcement in some 7 villages in eastern and western terrain and mountain portions of Shinjar. While the ISIS was engaging Yezidis from South, the real operatives were infiltrating from east and west. The newly formed Yezidi Peshmarga (Army) consisting Yezidi volunteers ready to die for their community and humanity trained only for three weeks and a handful of Yezidi fighters serving in armies and police forces in Iraq and European nations with almost no battle experience gave a good taste of battling to the ISIS. While eastern war front was totally under the control of Yezidi Peshmarga, the western front evidenced encounter between ISIS and a Syrian Kurdish YPG and Yezidi Peshmarga alliance. 14 November observed the fiercest encounters ever between ISIS and its opponents. An all-out offensive was launched by ISIS on two fronts. A battle skilled Yezidi commando Commander Farhan Eziden fought his first and last battle and showcased an extreme illustration of bravery. Commander Farhan led the Yezidi Peshmarga team that first resisted the movement of the ISIS terrorists settled in the strategic villages in eastern Shinjar. He could smell that these villages were actually working as base camps for the ISIS and decided to change their battle mode from defensive to offensive and descended down the mountain and infiltrated the villages. A close quarter combat followed that resulted huge casualty for the ISIS. “He (Farhan) was counting the enemies he was downing; 1,2,3 he went on and said today I will make a century but he was martyred after killing 14 terrorists,” Naveen Khalil Eziden, his co-fighter elaborated while telling how the splinters of a bomb explosion killed Farhan. More than a hundred terrorists were said to be killed and many were injured. “They fled, took away some injured comrades with them. Many were left behind, many committed suicide as they were surrounded and couldn’t resist us due to injury. They thought we will treat them the same way they treated our innocent people,” Naveen said. 3 strategic villages or better termed as base camps have been liberated, viz. Gabara, Shilo, and Shikinya. Bara village was connecting point of Northern and Southern transport routes to Shinjar Mountains and fell in the western front. At the same day, the Syrian Kurdish YPG fighters along with Yezidi volunteers launched a similar assault on the western front. The Bara assault observed the martyrdom of 5 Syrian YPG and Yezidi fighters belonging both Kurd and Yezidi communities. Their names are, Afat Colemerg, Firat Levent Resko, Rojhat Avares, Dilges Xosmer, Goran Serekani among whom 3 are Kurd and 2 are Yezidis. During Bara assault, 42 terrorists have been calculated to have been killed. In the last week of September under the leadership of an elderly Yezidi leader Commander Saido, 85 ISIS terrorists were said to be killed. Commander Marwan Alyas is also among the new Yezidi military leadership who are confident to resist any kind of ISIS assaults. But then a question always remains, the ISIS guys are stubborn, who can guarantee that they will not come back with greater forces and better strategy? For the Yezidis, there is no moment of rest unless ISIS is completely wiped out from the region, it is just one front to open after one is closed.

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Sakshi Bhardwaj
Sakshi Bhardwaj is JNU alumna and writes analytical and substantial commentaries and reports on topics ranging from Geopolitics to Social and Political issues. She has also written for various magazines and attended international seminars on National Security and Internal Conflicts.
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