Yezidis and Hindus- children of Murugan must reunite: Yezidi Writer in interview with TNT

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The News Tales interviewed Mark Amaru Pinkham who is a Yezidi writer and a Pagan by practise. Mark writes extensively on Paganism and Yezidi-Hindu Unity.

Mark Amaru Phinkam, the symbol of Yezidi-Hindu Unity Mark Amaru Phinkam, the symbol of Yezidi-Hindu Unity

There was much confusion among the Indian and international audience whether the Yezidis are Hindus of Iraq or not, or is it just a right wing Hindu propaganda as some Hindu-phobic people love to call. After Indian economist Subramanian Swami’s Facebook page posted about the Yezidis to be the “Vedic People of Iraq” suddenly Islamists were all up for the “honor and respect for identity of Yezidi religion” while their coreligionists were wiping out the Yezidi religion in Iraq and so-called Moderate Muslims were busy calling the Yezidis the “Evil Worshiper”. Anyone who was to point out the similarities about Hindus and Yezidis was being equalised with Islamists who try to own the entire world.

So The News Tales decided to interview a few Yezidi scholars, writers and former military officers belonging to Yezidi community and get their version in this aspect. Our member Aamna Shahwani is in Iraq since last month with the Yezidis. She has been reporting on the Yezidi situation. Yesterday she has taken an interview with Mark Amaru Pinkham, a famous Yezidi writer and scholarly researcher. Mr Pinkham has written a series of books named “The International Order of Gnostic Templars” and “The Return of Serpents of Wisdom”. Right now he is busy in the welfare of Yezidi refugees halting his current work “Sedona: City of the Star People” where he will elaborate the Yezidis in complete detail. Here goes the interview with Mr Pinkham.

TNT: Hi sir, the Yezidi Sanatana Dharma Society is planning to meet Indian PM Narendra Modi in the Madison Square in New York. I came to know that “Yezidi Truth” organisation and Pagan-Hindu celebrities like Vrndavan Parker are also invited. So are we going to see you there?

Mr Pinkham: I am based in Arizona but right now I am somewhere else and busy with necessary stuff. But I shall certainly try to go and for sure I shall send my Yezidi people and my organisation members based in New York.

TNT: Sir, what is your designation in the organisation named “Yezidi Truth”?

Mr Pinkham: I am the founder and director.

TNT: In the articles in “Yezidi Truth” you have written that Yezidis originated in India. Would you please elaborate what made you reach this conclusion?

Mr Pinkham: The Yezidis say that they were residents of Eden Garden which is the land of Kurdistan and south of Turkey today. However, about 4000 BCE, there was a great flood and most of them left and went to India. The entire world was part of Sanatan which was a summation of different deities. In South India, they, however, found more similarities with them than with north or east Indians. Both Yezidis and South Indians were a follower of SanatKumara @ Murugan @ Subramanian @ Karthikeyan who was the son of Lord Shiva. They realised that they were one people- brothers. However, after the time passed Yezidis again migrated back to Kurdistan. However, Yezidis historians believe that there are still one million Hindus in South India who descended from Yezidis and the Yezidis call them Alawis.

TNT: So you believe that the common faith was a cultural mix? That they were influenced when they came to South India?

Mr Pinkham: No, there is nothing like the cultural mix. Culture can be lost, distorted but not mixed. If it was cultural mix with Hindus, then we have lived for thousands of years among Muslims, more with Christians. The Kurds were once Yezidis, they were converted to Islam and they are now Muslims. The Yezidis can be converted but not mixed. They never accepted the Muslims’ influence. They accepted the Hindus because they were same, otherwise, no culture likes to be overlapped by other culture. Hindus and Yezidis had same religious beliefs and cultures that are why this ‘cultural exchange’ happened.

TNT: OK sir. But in the Middle East, there is no friend of Yezidi. Yezidis have no countries of their own. Do you believe that the Yezidis and Hindus, two children of Sanatan must unite again to stop Islamic genocides against them?

Mr Pinkham: There were once much more Yezidis in the Middle East. The Kurds were once Yezidis who converted to Islam. Yes, I do believe that the Yezidis and Hindus should unite. They are both the People of SanatKumara.

TNT: Yezidi Sanatan Dharm Society wrote that Yezidis also follow Lord Ram. Some Yezidis said that they are brothers of Karna, the son of Sun God. So apart from SanatKumara, how many Gods do you follow that are also in Hinduism?

Mr Pinkham: Many Yezidis including me believe in Shiva and Shakti, the parents of SanatKumara. And I also believe that Lord Krishna too was a Peacock Angel. The Yezidis who know their true roots worships the Hindu Gods. We are one people.

TNT: What do you think is the reason why the Hindus and Yezidis are unaware of their common Sanatan roots? What cure do you suggest?

Mr Pinkham: The Yezidis and Hindus are unaware of their Sanatan roots because so much of the history has been lost. Most of the Yezidi scriptures have been destroyed or stolen. Same happened with Hindus. The Islamic invaders used to target the universities and used to burn books for this purpose only. I am sure the Yezidis will be in Hindus scriptures but they will be called in some different terminology. The cure to this remedy is that we must start with our one of the existent common thread SanatKumara whom both Hindus and Yezidis worship. We must recognise that the Peacock Angel is none but SanatKumara and then we can piece together our common roots and history.

TNT: Is it true that the Kurds are fanatic Muslims wearing the mask of liberals for their agenda of global support for the separatist cause? Is there any history that the Kurds massacred the Yezidis?

Mr Pinkham: The agenda of the Kurds is to further their own agendas. No matter what happens they are sure to continue their separation with the Yezidis because they are all Moslems. The Kurds have massacred the Yezidis many times in history but they are not documented but Kurds took part in the Yezidi genocides in past. Most recently a Moslem suicide bomber drove a truck laden with bombs into the town of Sinjar and killed 500 Yezidis and wounded countless more. There are now hundreds of orphans in Iraq because of this event. This was in August 2007. And recently in Shinji the Kurds staying in the area after Peshmarga fled away, gave a hand to the ISIS in massacring the Yezidis.

TNT: Do the common Yezidis know about their Sanatan roots?

Mr Pinkham: Many Yezidis are aware that their families came from India. Most of the other Yezidis are not aware of their connection to India and the Hindus. It has been my work to show the Yezidis how Tawsi Melek has manifested in different civilizations. The Yezidis believe that Tawsi Melek taught the mysteries to all the 72 people living on the earth in ancient times, one of which was the Hindus. Now many are beginning to believe that Tawsi Malik is none but SanatKumara.

TNT: In a Yezidi temple based in Lalish there is a wall painting of a South Indian lady in Saree, who painted that pic? And what is the story of that pic being there?

Mr Pinkham: I don’t know about that mural. I have to ask my Yezidi friends in Iraq. But I believe someone has painted that to recognise our common roots decades ago. The common Yezidis are now waking up to recognise the union after the common rituals like Peacock Arti Lamps and Sanjak is coming out. I will be in the forefront to be in this cause to unify the Yezidis and Hindus who are children of Sanat Kumara or Tawsi Malik or Murugan.

TNT: Final question for today. Some people, in particular, the Muslims and Christians are trying to show the Yezidis as Abrahamic and that Tawsi Malik is not Sanat Kumara but the Biblical “Lucifer” the Satan. What’s your opinion regarding this?

Mr Pinkham: Lucifer is a fabrication of the Christians. However, his legend is similar to the legend of Tawsi Melek. The both fell from pride. But they also both brought the teachings of enlightenment to Earth. The Christians and Moslems claim that Lucifer is the same as Satan. He is not. Satan is God's power of Destruction and Christ is God's power of Creation. They sit on either side of Sanat Kumara, who is YHVH, the Ancient of Days.  Lucifer-Tawsi Melek- Murugan - they are the first form of the invisible God. They are Satan and Christ united together - just as all humans are. In fact, when they came to Earth they became the Planetary Logos (mind and will) and the Collective Consciousness of Humanity. All humans are living out the evolutionary program that they brought to Earth. Many believe that Murugan or Kartikeya - "Son of the Pleiades," brought this program from the Pleiades. This is the "Luciferian" program of a fall into matter, development of "Satanic" ego and individuality, and then finally union with the inner Christ. The world has to understand that the peacock angel is the manifestation of “Sanat” and not at all “Satan”.

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Sakshi Bhardwaj
Sakshi Bhardwaj is JNU alumna and writes analytical and substantial commentaries and reports on topics ranging from Geopolitics to Social and Political issues. She has also written for various magazines and attended international seminars on National Security and Internal Conflicts.
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