Sakshi Bhardwaj faces threats for declaring to launch Sindhi Missing Persons database

Published on 18 Aug 2017 on category Terrorism Updates for zone Pakistan

Sakshi Bhardwaj recently declared to launch a project for documenting Sindhi missing persons, following which she is facing threats from Sikh terrorists and Pakistani Panjabis

Team Covert Wires' articles about missing persons of Sindh and Balochistan, in AT and the database. Team Covert Wires' articles about missing persons of Sindh and Balochistan, in AT and the database.

CW News Desk, New Delhi: Sakshi Bhardwaj, the co-owner of Covert Wires is facing grave threats from the Sikh Terrorists ever since she declared of launching a documentation project for Sindhi missing persons.

The annoucement came following Independence Day celeberations, when Sakshi noticed many Sikh groups were openly calling it a Black Day or  Day of Indian Occupation of Sikh Nation.

"Since no Hindu organisaton had the grain to counter this and get these traiotrs arrested, Sakshi raised her voice alone and announced on the same date about her project." writes Titu Shadowson in his mail.

"Defaming India is an age-old known trait of radical Sikhs. While they even go as far as quoting the Atrocities done by Indian Army upon the Kahsmiris, they also burn the National Flag and malign India of crushing their demand for a separate state by large scale disappearances. Just like my team had raised blogging platform for Bangladeshi Hindus (BanglarKatha) and documentation project for Baloch Missing Persons, I announce that we shall soon launch a documentation project for Sindhi Missing Persons."

This was Sakshi's statement in a live video she did from her profile which was laterturned down by SAD MLA Manjinder Singh Sirsa and his allies of terrorists.

Ever since she promulgated about the idea and busted the myth of Indian government doing atrocities on Punjabis and Kashmiris, several Nationalist Sikhs too even disseminated threats through Sakshi's close allies of taking legal action against her.

This however did not deter her from the cause. She was widely acknowledged by the top leadership of Sindhudesh Movement and Sindhi activists which included Human Rights activists of Sindh.

"We are overhwhelmed right now. The voice which Sangata Mushreeqani Aamna Shahwani embarked helpled us raise awareness about the Atrocities done by Pakistan. Losing her her is an unbearable loss. I am thankful to her team and proud that Sakshi Bhardwaj has dared to take a stand for Sindh, while Pakistani and Indian media alongwith Punjabis on both sides of the border abuse India and defame Hindus time and again," quoted Sain Shafi Burfat Sahab, Chairman of JSMM in a post he made from his official page.

"It is a great initiative which was started by Aamna Shahwani Adi for the liberation of Sindhudesh and exposing the real face of Pakistan and Punjabis along both sides of the border. Sakshi Bhardwaj is my sister too. I am indeed very emotional right now seeing atleast one person in the world addressing our struggle while the International Organistaions are busy malinging India for Human Rights Violations," asserted Amar Fayaz Ada, Chairman of Sindhi Human Rights Organization.

Following this, thousands of Sikhs flooded Sakshi Bhardwaj’s profile and inboxed with abuses, rape threats, murder threats and some Sikhs even abused Maa Sita, Maa durga, Shri Ram ji and Shri Shankar ji.

Soon after, Sikhs were seen tagging and sharing her posts mentioning Manjinder Singh Sirsa, Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee, Akal Takht, Shiromani Akali Dal, Arvind Kejriwal, Aaam Admi Party and other Sikhs terror outfits, urging them to implicate Sakshi by using all modes possible.

“I do not feel deterred at all. It is just a certificate of all my work I have done as a nationalist and as a Hindu. If protecting the image of India and Hindus at global level hurts the sentiments of one over-privileged community, I surely can’t help it. If raising voice for Hindus living in any corner of the world hurts the sentiments of the psuedo-Hindus to an extent that they can support the Sikhs in character assassination and name-calling, I am proud I fighting alone,” Sakshi added.

"I am doing this as a Patriot Hindu and if in this process my life is consumed in the service of the nation, then be it. Fighting against oppression and standing for Humanity has always hurt their religious sentiments. What am I supposed to do? I am the daughter of Maa Durga, so the privilege of running away to the jungles does not come for me. " Sakshi concluded.

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