An Open Letter to champions of Send-A-Bra Campaign to DPS

Published on 22 May 2018 on category Gender Conflict for zone Rest of India

The Feminismist have yet again come up on annual show of vulgarity followed by a school's notice to students to encourage decorem. The school Principal is judged and harssed. Hypocrisy just died.

A feminist holding government position poses with coloured bra which would be judgmental otherwise. A feminist holding government position poses with coloured bra which would be judgmental otherwise.

Dear Feminists,

I can understand how long you have waited for another attention-seeking stunt of vulgarity. After the Sanitary Pads of Delhi were consumed to be painted red and stuck over public places like eat-outs and educational centers, you kept itching your hollow enmity towards patriarchy until you found the Kiss Of Love movement, where many monotheist patriarchs volunteered to oppress you.

It is not about being oppressed, to you, it is about not being oppressed from anyone wearing a Janeu, Kalava or any mark of polytheism. Being dominated does not hurt when it is done by followers of monotheism, where there is no place for females. The number of monotheists decides how empowered you are.

I have seen you lamenting over the suicide of farmers while cursing the government (which-so-ever concerned) for their inefficiency to curb Health Index of the country. It is you who tear your throats out to demand increased production of tobacco. It is you who lambasts on those who are not even interested in countering you, to not judge you for your choice of disease you want to pick.

Despite your simultaneous campaign about the lack of sanitary pads (Hypocrisy enough?), when the same cotton sanitary pads were used by you all over India for your obnoxious “Menstrual Pride” movement, there were girls as young as 5, feeling disgusted with those napkins. Their mothers were now forced to tell them of the biological process which is already known to the males. Awakening the masses was not needed for such biological process.

I hope you are not going to paste circumcised bananas to grow sympathy for the vulnerability of monotheists towards STDs or to compare their span with maggi noodles. I bet you will need a timer and maggi noodles will take longer as reported by many women who were empowered in past.

Now back to the present and much expected Send-a-Bra campaign launched by you.

First of all you decide for every woman who has no clue when they gave you the right to decide for them whether they need to wear a bra or not. Then, you decide for them which religious practices they should follow while being atheist. Aren’t you the same slot that stays mum on why women aren’t allowed in Mosques and chants Eid Mubarak but spends sleepless nights to find out that-one-temple which does not allow women?

Going to temples is not your point, but not being able to go to the temples during periods aggravates your pain. I understand your plight of not being able to accommodate yourself as per the norms of society, thus to adjust your pathetic ego, the show of nudity must go on. It is equal to shaving half moustache and then to hide embrassment, you take psuedo-pride in it to encourage others to shave their half moustache too. Shaving might hurt your sentiments of atheism too, for the men who empower you have beards but not moustache.

Dear feminists, the government records show that the men who empower you rank the highest in terms of oppression. It is your delusion which has made you redefine oppression and confuse it with empowerment.

There may be women who do not wear bra. There may be women who do not use a sanitary napkin. There may be women who become religious suddenly during those 5 darks days of the month. But most of you struggle with Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) while the “normal” women undergo during those 5 days of blackout. Imagine. Even Mother Nature does not consider you to be women.

With those PCOS, you then launch out the “Facial Hair My Pride” Campaign, while males other than the ones empowering you thank The Almighty of having saved them from the horror.

Why is that your rebel attitude is not seen in Islamic clerics who impose Burqa or in the Sikh schools which impose making two pleates compulsory?

Also, I have seen your fight for gender justice varying with the religion of the accused.

The statement by Principal of DPS might hurt your standards, but that does not give you the right to instigate everyone against a sane person. He is not running a brothel or a modeling school which attracts nymphomaniacs. The Send-A-Bra Campaign must be done outside some Academy of Modeling or a brothel, which will actually empower them as this will serve a greater use to them. At one hand, you discredit the usage of bra and on the other hand, you provoke people regardless of their gender to send a colorful bra. Can you shed off your hypocrisy?

If you're finding it difficult to decide for yourself, why shove it on others? Why put your negligible energy and efficiency to decide and pass judgment on everyone?

Are you soon going to decide which brand of sanitary napkin we must choose? I hope it is't termed as Fight Against Capitalism.

On a concluding note, there is one tip for you. You have no right to decide for everyone too. The patriarchy of the Principal of DPS has also been applied to males to wear white cotton vests, which they are not wearing these days. I hope you have not forgotten after years of experience with under-sized white payjamas and over-sized white kurtas, that cotton vests help fighting the heat.

Your silence on imposition of Hijab is appreciable. At least you let patriarchy rule in some corners of the world. Your heart does not bleed when women are stoned in Islamic countries after false allegations of adultery are hurled on the rape victim. Yet I see you pick the color of bra for all women on the country. I see you decide the religion of the rapist for the woman yet-to-raped. I see you judge the ethnicity of the oppressor to decide whether he should be punished or be declared as a juvenile or misguided youth.

Here’s the only suggestion from my side.  Stop fighting the cosmetics if they prove to be of no use to you. Stop fighting the norms of the society if you don’t fit in there. Stop fighting patriarchy if you cannot fight the Hijab. Stop fighting Dowry if you cannot fight Meher. Stop judging every one. Stop imposing Your Life- Your Rules on every one. They probably have different rules which they are not imposing upon you. Keeping under arms hair is nothing but unhygenic. May your struggle for unhygeine continue to touch new heights.

As a side note I want to tell that sagged breasts and sweaty armpits is your problem, don't try to make everyone suffer your own gore. Also I am not sure that a freeloader like you will send an unused bra.

-Sakshi Bhardwaj

(The woman who does not need your hollow ideals of feminism to stand for gender justice.)


Written By
Sakshi Bhardwaj
Sakshi Bhardwaj is JNU alumna and writes analytical and substantial commentaries and reports on topics ranging from Geopolitics to Social and Political issues. She has also written for various magazines and attended international seminars on National Security and Internal Conflicts.
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